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Zev Wins

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June 6, 2013. ZEV LAUNCHES THE 4,000 WATT, DUAL MOTOR HD BICYCLE . pril 2014. ZEV 30 kw MOTOR READY. October 2014 PHOTOS AND NEWS DETAILS ZEV GOES ROAD RACING Oct 2010 We found a new way to enjoy our bikes and to develop and test them. Road racing!! ZEV went road racing at the Intermot in Koln Germany. Great fun had by all. We need to find a way to get this racing more widespread. One of our riders went down hard and was out of the race, another only enough to break his throttle - but he still finished 3rd overall holding the throttle in place. PONDERS USE OF ZEV BY PARK RANGERS, MAKES A SHORT MOVIE ABOUT ZEV August 2011The Pennsylvania Parks system has purchased a ZEV 4100 for use in a promotional program for the park system. They also have made a short movie about using a ZEV to promote fuel savings and better living. This movie is about a student getting a ZEV http://www.youtube.com/user/iConservePA#p/a/u/0/yRUIgm-nmAc In August, the rangers at Bald Eagle State Park test drove the ZEV7100. The interest by the parks is to place rangers on the quiet ZEV for park patrol and general run about errands. Pa. Parks is noting ZEV as a partner and directing park attendees to the ZEV web site under its Conservation programs. http://www.iconservepa.org/livelocal/gettingaround/index.htm ZEV TESTS THE NEW 20 KW CONTINUOUS POWER BIKE MOTOR July 2011 ZEV has begun testing of its new 20 Kw electric motor scooter and motor cycle hub motor and controller package. Dyno tests were completed in July. The new motor is rated for 20 Kw continuous, 36 Kw for up to 3 minutes. This motor is intended for a new super scooter now in prototype and for a reverse trike now in design. THRUST CYCLE GYRO VEHICLE COMPANY ADOPTS ZEV POWERTRAIN Thrust Cycle has chosen the ZEV powertrain as used in the ZEV7100 to power its two unique gyro stabilized vehicles first seen in GIZMAG at http://www.gizmag.com/thrustcycle-srt-new-version/20805/?utm_source=Gizmag+Subscribers&utm_campaign=de6d61cc2c-UA-2235360- 4&utm_medium=email http://www.gizmag.com/thrustcycle-srt-balancing-three-wheeler/19614/ ZEV SCHEDULED FOR PA. PARKS VEHICLE EVALUATIONFeb 2012 ZEV has been invited to bring both its Trail motorcycle model and its standard scooter model to a trial and evaluation by the Pennsylvania Parks system. The trials will be held in June 2012. The Pa. Parks system is evaluating switching to smaller vehicles than the standard trucks and cars and using alternative fuels in an effort to reduce their emissions and the Park operating costs. Both gasoline and electric vehicles will be evaluated. ln 2011 the park system purchased a ZEV and gave it away in a raffle program to promote the parks and electric vehicles. ZEV TESTING NEW LIGHT MOTORBIKE AND BICYCLE MOTORS Feb 2012. ZEV has completed testing on the new motors for a light motorbike (large OD wheels, 2000 watts) and for a new corporation spin off, high performance bicycle line. ZEV INTRODUCES NEW LOW PRICED MODEL FOR THE BOOMING MARKET IN VIETNAMApril 2012 ZEV has shipped the first of its new Z2100 and Z2400 bikes to Vietnam to the dealer networks it is opening there to serve that booming market. ZEV WINS 14 AWARDS FROM THE STATE OF WEST VIRGINIA FOR EXPORT SALES June 6, 2013. ZEV was awarded 14 awards by Governor Tomblin (center) of West Virginia for export sales at a presentation at the State Capital on June 6 . During the year 2012, ZEV added 14 additional countries to its sales distribution areas. ZEV CONTRACTS FOR ADVANCED MANUFACTURING AND DESIGN EQUIPMENT. Jan 2014. ZEV has contracted with the RCBI WV Manufacturing Technology center ( http://www.rcbi.org ) to use the advanced equipment available through the state of WV at mere hourly rental rates. This places millions of dollars of equipment at the use of ZEV. The equipment most of use to ZEV is the A) 3D printers that can print out new ABS bodywork for designs avoiding the huge mold costs. B) Gantry mold carving machine and autoclave that can enable ZEV to jump from 2 wheel vehicles to building enclosed body vehicles. C) CAD/CAM milling centers and large lathes so that prototype and low volume motors can be made without incurring mold costs. D) Water jet cutters. This cutter will be used to make some of the luggage racks for some of the vehicles cutting out in minutes what used to take a day. This cutter is also planned to be used for the construction of a new, all aluminum, from flat plate fabricated light motorbike to form a completely new product line. ZEV LAUNCHES THE 4,000 WATT, DUAL MOTOR HD BICYCLE . pril 2014. ZEV 30 KW MOTOR READY. October 2014

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