Zach Tourlas

Zach Tourlas

Manager at Neopost Inc

478 WHEELERS FARMS ROAD, Milford, Connecticut, United States
Neopost Inc
HQ Phone:
(203) 301-3400

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"Transitioning to a new solution is often challenging," says Zach Tourlas, Neopost's Solutions Group National Manager.
"In this case, installation and implementation did not go as smoothly as we would have liked." He explains that during the initial use of the inserter, they ran into misread issues. They couldn't be sure where the problem was coming from and how accurately the OMR marks were being read. Folding and inserting machines eliminate a highly labour-intensive part of the mailing process. For them to work effectively, users must add Optical Mark Recognition (OMR), barcodes or 2D matrix barcodes to ensure the right sheets are put into the right envelopes. With the vast majority of Neopost solutions, customers keep their original OMR marks, explains Zach. This kind of don't-quit-until-it's-done-right support comes standard with Neopost, explains Zach.

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