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Baroness Chalker Has Integrity & Maturity! A Response to Dr. Yakub Abdalla
Amana Online - Sannu da zuwa Kofar Arewa - Jabbama A Response to Dr. Yakub Abdalla Email:LAWCAREER2007@aol.com It was dismaying reading an article by one Dr. Yakub Abdalla on Baroness Chalker! Dr. Abdalla had a screaming headline and that was all he had. The article had no substance in it, Dr. Abdalla did not even attempt to support his screaming headline with any sorts of facts or hard evidence, to justify his screams. Baroness Chalker is known for her integrity! She has always demonstrated high integrity in her words and actions. Baroness Chalker’s excellent character, remains spotless and unblemished, and quite naturally, intact. Baroness Chalker’s maturity and integrity is self-evident to all! Dr. Abdalla in his article excoriated Baroness Walker for simply saying the most mature, most responsible and most reasonable thing about the post general elections circumstances in Nigeria. Baroness Chalker had said “Let us get rid of the superficial comments and let us help the government of Nigeria, the in-coming government to put right those things which they know are not perfect, which they want to reverse and accept sensible, constructive advice". All reasonable, mature and responsible persons have been making statements similar to the ones attributed to Baroness Chalker by Dr. Abdalla, I have expressed similar if not identical comments regarding the outcome of Nigeria’s general elections I Congratulate President-Elect YarAdua . It is a fact, the elections are over! Those who have alleged electoral fraud or malpractices should head to the elections tribunals and courts in Nigeria. He who alleges must establish proof of such allegations with evidence. It is the case that the just completed elections in Nigeria were not perfect, and it is the case that elections are not perfect in the United Kingdom, Baroness Chalker’s home country, where Dr. Abdalla resides.

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