Wolfgang Somary

Wolfgang Somary

Chairman at Cyclamens and Swords Publishing

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Cyclamens and Swords Publishing

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economics and political science , Trinity College , Dublin


Board Member  - The Astrological Society of Princeton NJ Inc

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Wolfgang Somary
Cyclamens and Swords Publishing - Wolfgang Somary Wolfgang Somary Wolfgang Somary Wolfgang Somary, born in Zurich, Switzerland, educated in Washington DC, graduated in economics and political science from Trinity College, Dublin, is a retired Swiss private banker with a vocation for poetry, music and astrology. He has published a book on the philosophy of money, is a prolific essayist and received poetry prizes in England. His blog archive is www.wolfgangsomary.com

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. Wolfgang Somary, Chairman, Heim Foundation, based in Zurich, Switzerland, for "The Dream of the Uninvited Guest";
Wolfgang Somary, based in Zurich, Switzerland, is Chairman of the Heim Foundation in Geneva, a Swiss banker and poet. Wolfgang obtained his formal education in the United States, Ireland and England, before becoming an investment banker in Switzerland. As president and co-founder of the former Intercultural Cooperation Foundation in Switzerland, he has gathered extensive knowledge of non-European cultures and has travelled widely, particularly in India. Wolfgang also composes poetry in English, French and German, lectures on cultural aspects of economics, writes on financial affairs, and conducts forecasting seminars. "Night and the Candlemaker" is Wolfgang's first Barefoot book. He writes: Wolfgang Somary

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Wolfgang Somary studied economics and political science in Dublin before becoming a partner in a private bank in Zurich.
He has written a 'cosmology of money', is a poet in three languages, and a board member of the Astrological Society in Zurich. [Meilen]

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