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William Bysshe Stein

Associate Professor of Biological Sciences at Binghamton University

4400 Vestal Parkway East, Vestal, New York, United States
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Bill Stein, Binghamton University,

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"It was like discovering the botanical equivalent of dinosaur footprints," said Dr. William Stein, associate professor of biological sciences at Binghamton University, and one of the article's authors.
Working in conjunction with Stein, Mannolini also developed a sketch of the ancient forest. Following the discovery of the tree's crown, a thorough investigation was conducted by Stein and Dr. Christopher M. Berry, a paleobotany lecturer at Cardiff University in Wales and the other co-author of both Nature articles. The first glimpse of the unexpected complexity of this ancient forest came when Stein, Berry, Hernick and Mannolini found the remains of large scrambling tree-sized plants, identified as aneurophytaleans. "Trees probably changed everything," said Stein. "Not only did these emerging forests likely cause important changes in global patterns of sedimentation, but they may have triggered a major extinction in fossil record." For Stein, it all comes down to one thing - how much we don't know but need to understand about our ancient past. "The complexity of the Gilboa site can teach us a lot about the original assembly of our modern day ecosystems," said Stein.

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Join us at Justine's in Cobleskill as we gather to have some great food (at your own expense), great conversation, and hear an enriching presentation "Ancient Forest at Gilboa" from Dr. William Stein, Associate Professor of Biological Sciences at SUNY Binghamton.
Dr. Stein will share his knowledge on the worlds earliest fossil forest trees, which have been found in Gilboa, NY. This famous fossil occurrence marks the critical beginnings of forest ecosystems on land. Dr. Stein, a primary researcher of these uncovered remains, will report on recent findings, recovered specimens, and share a video and map of the forest. The overall composition of the ancient forest continues to be a surprise! Dr. Stein has been on the BU faculty since 1989 and is widely published.

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