William McDowell

William A. McDowell

MCD-Program Director at Marshall University

One John Marshall Drive, Huntington, West Virginia, United States

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Ph.D. - counseling psychology , Kent University

master of DIV. - theology and religion , United Theological Seminary

master of education - rehabilitation counseling , Kent State University


Board Member - Research and Recognition Project Inc

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Also on the Board are, Chairman, Robert Salluzzo CPA, with thirty five years of corporate experience, including CFO Management Positions and Initial Public Offering developments; Richard O'Leary PhD, Director of Human Resources, IRIS Inc.; Professor William McDowell, long time NLP Trainer and current Chairman of the Human Development and Allied Technologies Department at Marshall University; General Jon Adams (R), & Andrew Komonchak, Executive Director, Purple Heart Hall of Honor, Inc.
William McDowell, Ph.D., Member Board of Directors: Professor William McDowell is a longtime NLP trainer. He is recently retired and newly appointed as Professor Emeritus at Marshall University. He was a full professor of counseling at Marshall University from 1994 to 2000 and coordinator of the undergraduate program from 1979 to 1980 and the chair of the counseling program from 1981 to 1997. After going into semi-retirement, he coordinated the counseling program from 2004 until recently. He was the Interim Division Chair of Human Development and 2006 Technology. He received his Ph.D. in counselor education from Kent University in 1971 with an emphasis in counseling psychology. He got a master of education in rehabilitation counseling in 1968 from Kent State University. He has a master of DIV. in theology and religion 1967 the United Theological Seminary. Dr. McDowell has extensive experience in various counseling modalities. He was the founder and director of Mountaineer Affiliates in Neurolinguistic Programming and developed programs with the Southern Institute of NLP and the International Institute of NLP teaching programs from 1990 to 2000. He has research experience and publications in the area of holistic approaches, dealing with emotional distress, the use of therapeutic strategies with people with disabilities, addiction, caring for individuals with self-destructive patterns of behavior, and is working on a book on brief interventions in the treatment of trauma and PTSD. He has also authored numerous chapters in books, topics have included therapeutic strategies with people with disabilities, dealing with clients with various difficult issues, on death and dying, and similar topics. He has also participated in developing training videos in the area of NLP and has worked with NLP founders such as Robert Dilts, Suzie Smith, and Tim Hallbom. He has accumulated numerous honors and awards over the years and has many years of university and professional service.

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Professor William McDowell, a long time NLP trainer, joined the Research & Recognition Project at its inception in 2007.
When we decided to focus on the PTSD area he collected a team necessary to develop grant proposals. The team spearheaded the writing and development of a $300,000 pilot grant proposal and a three year state of the art scientific grant proposal of $12,000,000 to $13,000,000. Both those grants are currently being circulated for funding, at Marshall University, D.O.D., and in a number of White papers to Congress and the Services. A terrible development occurred with this in mid April (2008) when Professor McDowell suffered a massive heart attack and was forced to retire from Marshall University. With Professor McDowell's recovery last summer and his appointment as Professor Emeritus, the Grant applications and the development of the first NLP University Center in the U.S. are again going forward.

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Among the anecdotal reports are those provided by Richard Bandler, Steve and Connierae Andreas, Robert Dilts, and William McDowell who severally relate that each of them has treated thousands of persons suffering from PTSD and phobic conditions with immediate, lasting results from this short term intervention.
A recent case study provided by William A. McDowell, Ph. D., Professor Emeritus and Chair of Counseling, Marshall University, Huntington, WV (William McDowall, personal communication, July 9, 2010) involved a 30 year-old veteran of the Iraq war. The Veterans Administration had diagnosed him with PTSD and he reported to the NLP therapist after 1.5 years of standard treatment from the VA including individual and group psychotherapy with no abatement of symptoms. At the time that he came to the NLP-trained therapist, he was reporting the following symptoms: flashbacks, nightmares, high anxiety while driving (unable to let others drive him, panicked by large trucks near him often forcing him to pull off the road). He also reported a fear of crowds and enclosed spaces (restaurants, classrooms) where he had to be near an exit with a clear view of the entire space. He also reported some anger problems at home and an inability to have the doors unlocked. The patient minimized family problems but his wife reported that the family was experiencing severe difficulty. McDowell, W., & McDowell, J. (nd). McDowell, W., & McDowell, J. (nd).

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