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Warren Paulin, developer of Cliffs over Maple Bay Golf Course will bring everyone up to date on the progress of this new development.

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"We saw this as yet another affirmation of the Cowichan Valley's growth as a destination for both tourists and recreationally-oriented residents," says Cliffs' developer Warren Paulin."Norman has announced his schedule for the next few months and has indicated that he plans to make a site inspection before the end of April," states Warren Paulin, Cliffs Developer."We are in the enviable position of having virtually every phase of the development offering sight lines and views that are uniformly spectacular," reports Cliffs' developer Warren Paulin.

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Cliffs' owner Warren Paulin adds his firm is also determining a reward amount for the senseless destruction that occurred at around 3 a.m. Oct. 6. "We have some idea who did it and would appreciate the public's help on this," he said. "It's a drag and sooner or later we'll catch them.There were no thefts, just straight stupidity." All property and gear affected is insured, Paulin said. Paulin reports some $40,000 damage was inflicted on eight pieces of Cliffs' excavation equipment in the project's Nevilane Drive area. Windows were smashed in four earth rollers, an excavator and two rock trucks while the Kubota site vehicle's tires were slashed and its engine parts were trashed. Six homes on Salish Road were also broken into and paint was poured onto equipment, tools, walls and floors. Graffiti was spray-painted on the interior and exterior of the homes. "One home that was almost complete was vandalized by putting a hose in the front door and left running all night," Paulin said. "That's probably a $150,000 bill including drywall and hardwood floors." A reward will be offered for information about the destruction. Cowichan Valley Security has also been hired to randomly patrol the Cliffs site throughout the night, Paulin says. Tips about the crime can be reported to the police at 748-5522.

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