Wafiq Ali

last updated 6/19/2018

Wafiq Ali

Director of Sales at Power Practical Inc

HQ Location:
244 W. 300 N. Suite 210, Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
HQ Phone:
(801) 335-5064

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Power Practical - Our Story & Mission

Wafiq Ali
Marketing Director

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"As expected, some 3rd-party cables worked just fine, despite the error messages iOS 7 produced," said Wafiq Ali, director of sales at Power Practical, "What was especially surprising was that one 3rd-party cable in particular, a generic no-name cable from Amazon Marketplace, appeared not to charge the phone at all (based on the battery icon on the phone) even though the phone was drawing 2.5-watts according to the Practical Meter," said Ali.
After 10 minutes of 'not charging', Wafiq's iPhone 5 question had raised its battery level from 55% to 62%, meaning it really was charging after all.

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