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Vita Royal has pioneered the understanding that all equine genetics have a required minimum framework that must be met, in order to live healthily.
For more than 30 years, regardless of the economic climate in America, Vita Royal has never substituted a lesser quality ingredient, in any of our products, in order to save a buck. That's how much we care about your results. Premium Performance Horse Supplements Vita Royal's tradition of quality continues with an extensive line of internationally recognized equine health products, and programs, that succeed in getting the most out of your performance horse while controlling a wide range of health conditions. Vita Royal's Innovative Equine Feed Program Vita Royal's easy to use feed program was developed to provide owners with the highest quality nutrition. We strongly recommend that everyone reference the documentary "The Future of Food" to better understand the context of Vita Royal's message and the natural evolution of the our success.

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Vita Royal's Equine Feed Program
Learn More About Hi-Pro Feed™ The amount of oat groats (Vita Royal's only recommended source of additional carbohydrates) can be further adjusted according to energy weight needs, or season of the year. You can get the Hi-Pro Feed Base™ made up by itself (through Vita Royal or a local mill), and use that alone for the very sensitive horse while adjusting the oat groats or rolled barley to maintain weight. VERY IMPORTANT: The Hi-Pro Feed Base™ recipe is not fortified, and is not to be fed without one of Vita Royal's specialty supplements, specifically formulated to fortify this particular base. Why's and Why Not's of Vita Royal's Feed Program

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