Virginia Cahill

Virginia Cahill

Comptroller at Town of Grafton

General Information


accounting , Amherst

bachelor's degree  - business administration , University of Massachusetts

master  - business administration , Bentley College


Board Member  - Selectmen Minutes

Treasurer - Collector  - Hudson

Recent News  

Interim Town Comptroller Virginia Cahill reviewed the revenues and expenditures for the Fiscal 2012 second quarter.
She noted that the general fund expenditures at the end of the quarter were at 49% of the budget. The insurance property/liability, Assessors, Information Systems, School Administration, School Special Education, Veterans Services, and Morse Institute Library were all above the 50%, but all due to the payment of service agreements, premiums, etc. The General local receipts were averaging 55.8%. Ms. Cahill noted that the major impact was the one time state aid and $119,303 from FEMA for storm reimbursement. Ms. Cahill explained that three entities make up the PILOT and two only pay at the end of the fiscal year. The other was billed twice a year. The payment seen on the report was just the preliminary payment on one. Documents - Report of Interim Comptroller Virginia Cahill; report on revenue expenses for the period of July 1, 2011-December 31, 2011; report on expenditures for the period of July 1, 2011-December 31, 2011

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Documents - organizational chart; letter from Chris Rogers, the auditor; letter from Town Counsel John Flynn; letter from Virginia Cahill, Interim Comptroller; letter from resident Kenneth Goldman dated 4/9/12

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Interim Comptroller Virginia Cahill began with an overview of the Walcott Fund and the Kennedy Trust Fund.
Ms. Cahill explained that the Kennedy was in a CD while the Walcott was in a couple of very small interest bearing accounts. Ms. Cahill advised that none were given. Ms. Cahill presented an overview of the third quarter ending March 31, 2012. Ms. Cahill noted there were some areas of concern where transfers would be needed to cover the shortage. On the revenue side, Ms. Cahill reported that General Fund local receipts were averaging 78.03% of the budget at the end of March. The following local receipts were falling below the 75% mark: Penalties & Interest - 69.93%. Continuing, Ms. Cahill reviewed the enterprise funds. The Water & Sewer Enterprise Fund expenditures at the end of March 2012 averaged 71% of the budget. Employee benefits were at 78.8% due to the retirement board assessment being fully paid for FY12 as of March 31. Golf Enterprise Fund expenditures average 63.8% of the budget as of the end of March 2012. The following line items were over the 75% mark: Lease Payment Land - 98.7% due to the fact that the lease of the land was fully paid for FY12 as of the end of March Funding Schedule was at 100% and represents the retirement board assessment being fully paid for FY12 as of March 31. Documents - Memo from Interim Comptroller Virginia Cahill; Report on Walcott Fund; Report on Kennedy Trust Fund; summary of expenditures and receipts by department REQUEST TO SCHEDULE PUBLIC HEARING FOR THE DEDICATION OF SQUARE AT WEBSTER AND COTTAGE STREETS IN HONOR OF 2ND LT.

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