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Franchise Consultant at Franchise Helpers , LLC.

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Last Updated 5/30/2013

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Vince Otrusina can help.
Mr. Otrusina is a franchise consultant with Franchise Helpers, LLC. He helps people find the right franchise for them - "matchmaking," as he calls it. Immigrant investors can find assistance buying a franchise with Franchise Helpers LLC Immigrant investors can find assistance buying a franchise with Franchise Helpers, LLC Mr. Otrusina can match an immigrant investor with a wide variety of franchises from Aamco™ to FastSigns™ to SportClips™ and more. As he puts it, what matters more than the name of the franchise is matching the buyer's skill sets with the requirements of the work involved. Certain investors might want a franchise with a well-known name but the work involved may not fit well with their lifestyle. Mr. Otrusina makes buyers aware of what is entailed with certain franchises and, once he understands the buyer's profile, advises them on which franchises would fit best with their lifestyle and skill sets. "A common mistake made by franchise seekers is to focus on the product or service of the franchise instead of the business model and its characteristics," he says. Mr. Otrusina spends extensive amounts of time educating immigrant investors on the franchising process. He ensures that investors are aware of all the factors they should consider when buying a franchise so they can perform their due diligence effectively. He spends 3-4 hours educating his clients on the process, urging them to investigate whether there are any lawsuits against the franchisor and to comb over the financial information. Mr. Otrusina cautions that franchises are not simply bought, they are awarded. He confides that he often advises immigrant investors to look at other franchise opportunities than the one they were first interested in. He emphasizes that matching one's professional profile, the financial strength of the franchisor, and the demands of its day-to-day operation are more important than personal shopping preferences and tastes. Immigrant investors can find Mr. Otrusina through his website:, or his email:

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VinceOtrusina Franchise Helpers LLC Work Phone:941-487-7069work Work Email:vinceo@franchisehelpers.netINTERNET

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Vince Otrusina - Franchise Helpers
Recently, Vince Otrusina of Franchise Helpers LLC was one of our Spotlight Speakers. He shared with us what Franchise Helpers LLC is all about and answered questions about his business. Vince Otrusina - Franchise Helpers TCOB Business Clinic March 2013

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