Victor Lowenfeld

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National Defense Education Act Post-Doctoral Fellow  - University of Southern California

Art History and Humanities Teacher  - University of the State of New York

Psychologist  - 


Bachelor of Science degree  - 

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Lowenfeld was a psychologist, who had studied art and at Hampton, he taught art education.He believed in John Dewey's theory defining "art as experience," along with a methodological hands-off approach to teaching which usually centered on discussions and showing slides of various masterpieces of art history.He encouraged their creativity by taking them to the Virginia Museum.His approach was unorthodox, "He started off with arm exercises to facilitate the kind of images we wanted portray…Lowenfeld knew a lot of Bauhaus artists."I told Lowenfeld off everyday," she remembered laughing."Victor Lowenfeld was one of the most outstanding teachers, but I didn't acquiesce to everything he said.He allowed me to be a combatant."Therefore, their relationship was one of mutual respect and caring.Being highly anti-establishment and a rebel, she admits that "coming to Hampton saved my life."She completed her undergraduate education at Hampton with a Bachelor of Science degree in 1945. Victor Lowenfeld heard about her troubles.He immediately found her a position at the University of the State of New York in Plattsburg where she taught art history and humanities from 1958-1968.In 1962 she received a Fulbright Fellowship to study Asian culture at the First Institute of Chinese Civilization and Tung Mai University in Taiwan.From 1964-1965, she was a National Defense Education Act post-doctoral fellow at the University of Southern California studying Chinese language and Asian civilization.Receiving a New York State Ford Foundation Grant in 1965, she participated in seminars at New York University, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, the Freer Gallery of Asian Art and Harvard University studying Asian and Chinese culture.

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