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Veronica Lee

Customer Services Associate at Bristol-Myers Squibb Company

345 Park Ave, New York City, New York, United States
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The 8th annual Obstetrics and Gynecology convention

"We had no safety concerns and no serious adverse events," Dr. Veronica Lee, medical director of clinical research and development at Lantheus, told DOTmed news.
In the study, the N. Billerica, Mass-based company tested the agent on 12 healthy volunteers. "We're very pleased, and got very nice, clear images with good delineation between the heart and the liver," Lee said. Because the liver is so close to the heart and sucks up so much of most agents passing through the body, images in that area can often appear blurred in other modalities, she said. The agent also yielded a radiation dose "comparable to that of other commonly used PET radiopharmaceuticals, and that good image quality is possible at the given dose," the company said in a statement. The tracer works by illuminating the autonomic nervous system, which is affected in heart failure, Lee said. "What we know through other studies, and in general, when there is systemic heart failure, the ANS is affected, and a lot of our therapies, such as beta blockers, part of their effects are improving the workings of the ANS," Lee said. Lee believes the modality could prove superior to current methods of diagnosing heart failure, such as relying on chest X-rays and measuring the ejection fraction, the amount of blood pumped out by your heart. "I've had patients who've done splendidly well, and people who've done horribly with ejection fractions mildly decreased," she said. "Our agent is going to give us a closer look at what's going on, on a patho-physiologic basis, and really be able to see if the autonomic nervous system is functioning normally." A related imaging agent, called MIBG, is used in SPECT oncologic imaging, but also has off-label uses with Parkinson's disease in Japan, Lee said.

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"There has been limited understanding to date of the functioning of the heart's autonomic nervous system through imaging," said L. Veronica Lee, M.D., Medical Director at Lantheus Medical Imaging.

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