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Newly elected city council member Rudy Franz, left, and outgoing Hidalgo police Chief Vernon Rosser, right
And talking about it, Rosser added, might end his career. If the interview didn't finish him, it certainly helped. Rosser spent Monday negotiating a quick exit from the department after meeting with Rudy Franz, who swept into power Saturday with a slate of like-minded candidates called the Concerned Citizens of Hidalgo who campaigned on reforming the Police Department. Asked later whether he'd fire Rosser, Cepeda said: "It's up to him. We're not going to go in there and mess directly with the man." Rosser took the Police Department's top job in 1992 after serving as interim chief. He now oversees about 30 police officers and earns nearly $101,000 annually, making him the city's second-highest-paid employee. "I don't want to be in a place where I'm not wanted," Rosser said, and if the negotiations go well, "(I'll) walk away. You'll never see me again." When he took the job, Rosser said he reached an agreement with the City Council that he'd leave when asked, provided they didn't disrupt the department's operations or clean house to punish people who'd been loyal to him. Rosser said he trained several competent replacements, including Capt. Robert Vela. "And so they came to me today and told me, 'It's time for you to go,'" Rosser said, recalling his meeting with Rudy Franz. Rosser spoke to KNVO-TV on Feb. 28, after the City Council rejected three vehicle-for-hire permits despite positive recommendations from Rosser, who said the bus companies met all requirements. Elected officials who voted against the permits said they were concerned about traffic and wanted to wait until McAllen restructured bus queuing near the international bridge. Rosser said they were just covering for Rudy Franz, who runs a competing bus company.

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