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Doctor - University of Minnesota

Duluth Professor - University of Minnesota

University of Minnesota Duluth



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With the help of University of Minnesota doctor Uwe Stuecher, Donnelly and her family developed a home program for Bovee.

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Nahgahchiwanong Dibahjimowinnan

The beadwork was from the private collection of University of Minnesota Duluth professor, Uwe Stuecher, Ph.D., who had been in possession of the beadwork for the past 30 years.Dr. Stuecher purchased the pieces while at a flea market outside of Warroad, Minn. The framed pieces include: Two (2) aprons/breech cloths (framed separately) with a floral design on black velvet; two (2) beaded belts with green and metallic golden beads on a white background, with geometric oval "otter" design; and three (3) beaded belts with floral designs, leaves, fruits, nuts, and berries on a white background.The unframed pieces include: Two (2) beaded cuffs/gauntlets with a floral design on a white background; one (1) woman's or child's beaded yoke with a floral design on a white background; one (1) beaded dance belt with a geometric design on a pink background; and two (2) small beaded pouches/bags with raised floral stitched beadwork on velvet and silk.Several pieces are estimated to be from the early-to-mid-1800s, with a couple of pieces being from the turn of the century, and the 1940s.Some restoration work has to be done on just about every piece, but all can be restored to their original beauty.One of the beaded pouches procured by FDLThe following is the letter Dr. Stuecher presented, along with the beadwork, to Reservation Business Committee Chairman Robert Peacock on Tuesday, December 2:Uwe Stuecher

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