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My Virtual Hooker - Tia , Bouncy Pictures, d. Ty Endicott
My Virtual Student - Tia , Bouncy Pictures, d. Ty Endicott

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Adult Investments | Global Adult Media Weblog

"It's a way for people to put money into new developments that we're working on without actually having to take on the entire financial burden of putting a major investment into one big company," explained Bouncy owner Ty Endicott.
"These individualized projects are substantially less cash intensive and give great returns. We're looking at being able to get investors more than two, three times [their original investment], and then they should continue on over the years. It's a long-term investment strategy that they can keep making money with � almost like starting a new porn company, with the advantage of having an existing entity behind it." In other words, it's akin to opening up a business whose workers all come pre-packaged. "We do all of our post-production in-house, sales in-house, everything in-house, and we already have a reputation for quality," Endicott elaborated, "so we figure as we expand our business, we can break it up into modules where each new channel is a new entity. It's a really out-of-the-box investment strategy, and everyone I've talked to so far thinks it's really opportune." As part of this new growth effort, Bouncy is actively seeking an ace salesperson and an expert internet marketer to fill out its staff. "Those people are going to be key assets that we have in our team, to really maximize the return for all of these investors and also for Bouncy as a whole," Endicott said. Further emphasizing the all-inclusive nature of a Bouncy module, Endicott expounded, "We handle the production, the distribution, the marketing, the website building, the internet marketing, the accounting, we'll set up the corporation, everything. It's completely turn-key. We have all of these systems already in place, and they're already tuned. So it's really low-risk. And it's lifetime. I mean, they could conceivably retire on their investment with this one business model." Anyone interested in applying for the sales or internet marketing position, or finding out more about Bouncy's modular investment program, should contact Ty Endicott at (213) 365-0171 or sales@bouncypictures.com.

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Sony PSP popularity strikes with adult content provider

Bouncy President Ty Endicott said, "We are proud to be in the forefront of the digital revolution and are delighted to be working with Sony on this release".

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