Tori Ekstrand

last updated 12/6/2017

Tori Smith Ekstrand

Professor of Media Law at University of North Carolina

500 Finley Golf Course Road, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States
HQ Phone:
(919) 962-2349

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Southeast ADA Center: After Fan Pressure, Netflix Makes �Daredevil� Accessible To People Who Are Blind

Tori Ekstrand, a media law professor at the University of North Carolina, says two lawsuits specifically challenged Netflix but turned out quite differently.
An unpublished ruling in the 9th Circuit, she says, "basically handed down a decision that said there is no requirement for Netflix to provide ... this type of closed captioning the plaintiff was looking for." The reasoning by the court was that, unlike a building, the Internet has "no connection to a physical place," she says. Other circuit courts, however, have read the Americans With Disabilities Act, or ADA, more broadly. Those courts, Ekstrand explains, "say Congress intended for the disabled to have access to have non-physical structures like the Internet." Ekstrand predicts the Department of Justice, which administers the ADA, will eventually clarify what the expectations are for the Internet versus physical spaces. NPR contacted Netflix for comment on the court cases involving the ADA and the new addition of audio descriptions for Daredevil. A spokesperson said the company was unable to comment at this time. Ekstrand acknowledges that making Internet programming more accessible may carry additional costs for content providers. But those costs, she argues, are akin to the cost of implementing the original ADA requirements in physical spaces. "There is a whole part of society that is essentially locked out" of the Internet as it currently exists, she says. Statistics show that most people will experience a disability at some point in their lives, she adds.

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Tori Ekstrand, UNC professor of media law, said she agreed that the media has not shed enough light on corruption.
"It's not something people are investing in," she said.

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