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Hooked On Fly Tying, HAK1 Big Alaska Rainbow Flies - Tony Sarp [VHS]
Hooked On Fly Tying, HAK1 Big Alaska Rainbow Flies - Tony Sarp [VHS] Tony Sarp... Owner of "Katmai Lodge" in Alaska for the last 18 years and truly one of the best salmon/trout/steelhead anglers in the world shares his secret patterns that are unique and effective in catching Alaska rainbows. Featured icons of Alaska... Fly fishing outfitters Tony Sarp, Jack Holman and Ted Gerken fishing the Alagnak River, Illiamna fishery, Bristol Bay region, Kvichak River & The American River.

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Alaska Fishing Maps from Omni Resources.

Alaska, The Last Frontier ... Fly Fishing Video Magazine guides, Jim and Kelly Watt, join Tony Sarp, owner of Katmai Lodge, fishing for Chum salmon, the real fighter of the salmon family.Fly Tying ... Tony Sarp, owner of "Katmai Lodge" ties the "Sarp Perfect," an extremely effective pattern for the fall run of these lovely rainbows.Segment from his Hooked On Fly Tying, Alaska Big Rainbow Patterns. The Alagnak River ... Tony Sarp's "Katmai Lodge," silver salmon, bears, eagles and moose are all the stars in this show and make it exciting and informative to watch.Fly Tying ... Tony Sarp ties his now famous Sarp Seducer, the fly that the Watts' have used successfully all over the world.Segment from his Hooked On Fly Tying video, Alaska Big Rainbow Patterns.

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Alaska magazine | From Ketchikan to Barrow

Lodge owner Tony Sarp told The Associated Press that the bears' first target was a pantry filled with dry goods.They destroyed salt, sugar, flour, spices, cake mix and canned goods before moving into the kitchen, where there was no food.That didn't stop them. "They just literally ate the floor, " Sarp said."It must have had some grease on it, I guess." After the bruins successfully pushed in one door, they moved on to others-many of which were made of steel-and entered a total of 18 buildings, destroying freezers, deck railings, windows, incinerators and a popcorn machine.As for the smokehouse, Sarp said there was nothing left. The caretaker identified the intruders as a sow with two older cubs and a pair of males, a group he did not want to deal with alone and in the dark. The region experienced an unusually warm fall and winter, which probably confused the bears, Sarp said. "They didn't know it was November and December.They thought it was still September, I'm sure," he said, adding that he's counting on a more normal weather pattern this fall.

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