Tony Reid

Tony Reid

Medical Oncologist at Stanford University

650 Serra Mall, Stanford, California, United States
HQ Phone:
(650) 723-2300

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M. D. Ph. D.

MD Ph. D


Board Member - Lymphedema Products LLC

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Oncology News International - February 1997

Tony Reid, MD, a medical oncologist at Stanford University and the inventor of the Reid Sleeve, was also on hand to discuss the new device.
He made the first Sleeve about three years ago for a patient who was spending much of her time on a mechanical pump. The device worked so well for her that she talked about it in her support group, and demand for the Sleeve began to grow. "About a year ago, we started a lymphedema clinic at Stanford because of the number of patients seeking treatment," Dr. Reid said. He described a trial at Stanford, similar to Dr Radford's study, that involved 30 patients who had been on multiple therapies for severe lymphedema for an average of eight to 10 years. Of those, 26 showed significant improvement with the Reid Sleeve. Dr. Reid said that the sleeve is custom made for each patient, with the Velcro straps to adjust the pressure, based on readings from a small compression gauge. "We think it is critical to be able to adjust the pressure, since it is a fairly narrow range that provides the right pressure for a patient," he said. He pointed out that lymphedema is "not a disease that will ever really go away," but with the Sleeve, he said, "patients have improved to the point where they don't rely on it on a daily basis anymore. The patient who has been on it the longest now uses it maybe once or twice a week." He also noted that lymphedema can be more than just "unsightly and cumbersome.

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The ReidSleeve® is a very unique product that was designed and developed by Tony Reid, MD, Ph.D, an oncologist at Stanford University.A compression gauge developed by Dr. Reid is used to measure the pressure exerted over each region of the limb.

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The Reid Sleeve for Lymphedema

Developed by Dr. Tony Reid, a medical oncologist at Stanford University, the Reid Sleeve is custom-made for each patient and consists of soft polymer ridges that apply varying degrees of pressure that can be adjusted based on readings from a small compression gauge.

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