Tony Lister

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Mayor - San Antonio

Executive Director - Kumquat Festival

Member of the Social Studies Wing - Wesley Chapel High School

Teacher - Wesley Chapel High School


two-year community college degree


Board Member - Greater Dade City Chamber of Commerce

Board Member - The Ridge League of Cities Inc

Board Member - Dade City Chamber of Commerce

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"It's just something people have done for 30 years," San Antonio Mayor Tony Lister said.
Lister also has tried to mediate between the cyclists and law enforcement. "I am a cyclist - I love to cycle," he said.

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Tony Lister will work part time until June while he finishes out the year as a teacher at Wesley Chapel High School."I'm not going to give up on my kids," Lister said after his selection was announced Saturday.Lister teaches American government and economics along with American and Florida history.He also has helped coach the school's football and track teams.In April 2005, Lister was elected unopposed to the San Antonio city commission to fill a seat left open by the retirement of four-term Commissioner Dennis Phillips.Lister and his wife, Jennifer, an audiologist and professor at the University of South Florida, moved their family to Florida nine years ago.They eventually settled in San Antonio because of the small-town atmosphere, he said.Lister, who became a regular at city commission meetings along with his mother-in-law, Patricia Jones, said at the time of his election that his goal was to help preserve San Antonio's small-town charm.As a San Antonio commissioner, Lister has served as a board member of the Greater Dade City Chamber of Commerce for two years.He said he will take on the job as executive director on a part-time basis, working nights, until the school year ends.Then he will resign from teaching after 13 years in the classroom, including four years in his native Alabama, to work full time for the chamber, Lister said.Lister, who turns 37 next month, and his wife have two sons: Tony, 5, and Griffin, who is 8 months old.

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Walk-The-Walk Teacher Makes A Civic Model - from

W ESLEY CHAPEL - The path from unsuspecting citizen to elective office rarely is straight and well-marked - there just aren't that many John Leggs among us - but considering the route followed by Tony Lister to his new role as San Antonio city commissioner, he may be part Sherpa. Talk about your long and winding roads.As recently as the Clinton administration, Lister was in early life purgatory, grunting and sweating through a three-week catharsis at one of the plant nursery farms that dominate the economy of Semmes, Ala., a tiny town outside Mobile where he grew up. Lister found himself there having interrupted pursuit of an ill- defined associate of arts degree.Never mind that he had vowed to his mother, in the final stages of the cancer that took her life his senior year of high school, that he would go to college and graduate. Dragging depression like an anvil, Lister had, until his detour into horticulture, majored "in college," particularly the curriculum that involved pitchers and kegs.Lister concedes he spent three years earning a two-year community college degree, including the stint down on the farm. "It was awful," Lister says in a honeyed south Alabama drawl."I figured I could work at least as hard in college." Burning For History Few would have suggested then Lister was a bonfire of academic passion hungry for a match.When he made it to the University of South Alabama, though, he happened upon a certain charismatic Doc Brown teaching South American history, touching off a spark that became a conflagration. Inspired, Lister got the degree he'd promised, then added a master's.Now a member of the social studies wing at Wesley Chapel High School, Lister is the perfect academic furnace, converting mountains of historical fuel into equal measures of tutorial heat. He has become passion in action, eager to light pilot flames in a population whose interest in history extends only to VH1 Classic.Because of that sleeve-worn zeal, Lister will become a member of San Antonio's lawmaking body next month, elected by acclamation when no one else chose to run for the seat being surrendered by four-term commissioner Dennis Phillips. At 33, Lister is a regular Jefferson Smith, Jimmy Stewart's everyman character drafted into the U.S. Senate in "Mr.Although registered as an independent, Lister describes himself as politically conservative, as is his wife, Jennifer, an audiologist and professor at the University of South Florida.When she said he would be "perfect" for the commission, the last of his reservations vanished. Where his path leads from here is anybody's guess.For the moment, he is happy to set up camp at city hall, a civic model for all to see, and some, perhaps, to emulate.

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