Tony Crosse

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Research - Self

Honorary Consultant - Medway Maritime Hospital

Research Student - Canterbury, Southampton, Florida State



M.B. B.A. (Hons) M.A. Ph.D - Humanities & Cognitive Science , Various Universities


Consultant - Medway Maritime Hospital

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The Applehouse Studios

TONY CROSSE B.A. (Hons) M.A.Tony Crosse on the right with his life-long friend and tutor Leighton-Jones 2006 Tony Crosse's first career choice was osteopathy but his lifelong passion for music (he played guitar and piano from the age of eleven) eventually convinced him to switch his allegiance from the sciences to the arts, and he became an acclaimed professional musician and entertainer performing in international venues for twenty years.In 1989 he returned to the academic world, but this time as a student of visual art at Canterbury, Winchester and Barcelona where he gained Bachelor's and Master's degrees in European Fine Art.He also studied and worked with Barry Leighton-Jones in the United States ( the past eight years he has been Honorary Artist in Residence at the Medway Maritime Hospital in Kent, creating artwork and directing the Healing Arts Programme initiative (, although his belief in the healing power of art dates back to 1982 when he donated funds from his stage performances to found a research unit at Guys Hospital, London, England.He works with the media of wood, printmaking and oils and focuses principally on images of the body and landscape.His most recent project is Bodyscape/Earthscape, the juxtaposition of photographs of the Earth from space and microscopic cross-sections of the human body.

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Thanks to artist Tony Crosse for that.

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The Rochester Grammar School Online : About : OGA : Rochester Grammar School Old Girls Association (RGSOGA)

The speaker this year was Tony Crosse, Honary Healing Arts Consultant at the Medway Maritime Hospital.Tony spoke about the therapeutic benefit of having paintings, collages and sculptures around the hospital and showed a short video of the items in situ.The programme also provides play equipment for the children.The rest of the presentation took us all by surprise as he began to draw and to sing!He performed "Bring on the Clowns" and drew a very accomplished likeness of a clown.His next party piece was confusing until it was turned upside down and was revealed as the Mona Lisa.

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