Tom Logue

last updated 8/21/2017

Tom Logue

Veterans Service Officer at The Madison County Business League & Foundation

135 Mississippi Parkway, Canton, Mississippi, United States
HQ Phone:
(601) 832-5592

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Veterans Service Officer - View Ag

President - 31st Infantry Dixie Division Association

Administrator of Southwest Regional Medical Center - McComb

Chairman - Council of Veterans Organizations

Accredited Representative - National Association of County Veterans Service Officers

Hospital Administrator - Southwest Mississippi Regional Medical Center


Treasurer - Ridgeland

County's Veteran Service Officer - Madison

Board Member - Madison County Nursing Home

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Dr. Tom Logue
Veterans Service Officer Chancery Administrative Building 146 West Center Street P.O. Box 608 Canton, MS 39046 Office: (601) 855-5518 Fax: (601) 859-5875

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Honoring service - The Madison County Herald

Veteran service officer Tom Logue talks with Carroll Nelson Frazier, a World War II veteran who has been turned down by the Department of Veterans Affairs for benefits.Logue believes that Nelson's illnesses are related to the radiation exposure at Nagasaki and is asking for his case to be reconsidered. Madison County's veterans service officer, Tom Logue, asked local officials to adopt the resolution remembering the country's veterans who gave their lives in service."It's important we bring this to everybody's attention," he said. After four months in his part-time job, Logue is trying to bring his assistance to the attention of veterans in the county.He has started an outreach program to inform the public that his office in the Chancery Court Building in Canton is available to assist veterans who would ordinarily not be reached. Madison County has 5,307 veterans, who receive a total of $19 million in financial assistance.Annually, a total of 1,815 veterans were patients at the Veterans Administration hospital in Jackson receiving care worth $9.46 million, Logue said. "I am trying to hand out cards to as many veterans as I can to let them know I'm here," said Logue, who retired with 34 years of active duty in the Army, reserves and National Guard."I do not take working with veterans lightly." There are so many different programs available to help veterans and sometimes the paperwork involved can be overwhelming, Logue said.That's when he can step in to help cut through red tape. "But it's more than just forms.I can think about it and figure out ways to help them," he said."My job is to maximize their benefits if I can." He has helped veterans track down records or old buddies to verify what they did in the military, assisted others in getting needed medical treatments or other benefits and prescriptions and helped with death benefits for widows. "I feel like I owe it to the veterans because so many people helped me along the way," Logue said. With only a few months on the job, Logue said he's still learning.But his background working with veterans groups as a volunteer prepared him for the job, said Logue, who has also been active in Ridgeland civic affairs. Logue serves as chairman of the Mississippi Council on Veterans Organizations.He is also the registered lobbyist for the 252,000 veterans in Mississippi.He has served as deputy commander of the Mississippi State Guard, volunteers one day a week with the Mississippi Air National Guard and assisted veterans on appeals before the veterans affairs judges.Logue is also past national president of the 31st Infantry Dixie Division Association. "I was already doing some of these things before," Logue said, such as his visits to veterans in hospitals or nursing homes. Logue said he plans to visit with National Guard members upon their return from overseas duty. Logue said his duty is to assist veterans with realizing what benefits are available to them.

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Dr. Tom Logue
Veterans Service Officer Chancery Administrative Building 146 West Center Street P.O. Box 608 Canton, MS 39046 Office:Â (601) 855-5518 Fax:Â Â Â Â Â (601) 859-5875

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