Todd Needham

last updated 12/5/2016

Todd Needham

Analyst, Windows Azure Business Development at Microsoft Corporation

ONE MICROSOFT WAY, Redmond, Washington, United States
HQ Phone:
(425) 882-8080

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Todd Needham

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Todd Needham from Microsoft is on the left, Susan Grahm of UC Berkeley is next to him, and Jose Munoz, my DOE buddy, is next to Susan looking to his left.
The next panelist to speak was Todd Needham from Microsoft. This was unique to me, the first time I get to hear a bona fide Microsofter speak about open source software. His general attitude was that Open Source was not pixie dust which you could sprinkle over software and suddenly make it all that more powerful. Which is to say that in general, he was rather negative toward the movement. He had a rather angry and defensive attitude throughout the panel discussion which put me off. There were a couple of chuckles in the audience and a blushed smile from Todd of Microsoft. Todd from Microsoft decided to answer my question. What I remember of his answer was that he though AOL did a "damn good job" of hiding all that stuff from the user in creating the front end which their user community uses. Again, I believe he missed my point. I would further like to thank Lee Busby for converting Jose Munoz's and Todd Needham's power point presentations into the more universal format of PDF. [|Todd Needham] from Microsoft, who was on the Open Source panel discussion, e-mailed me some [toddn@microsoft-com|comments] about this article. I think it's important to that his views on the panel and this article be shared with the readers. I [myreply| replied] to Todd who then replied back with [toddn@microsoft-com.0|further comments]. You can read my second reply to Todd [myreply2|here].

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