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Tim Rifat

Scientist, Author, Journalist at Psi-Lord

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Magical War by Material War on China | Supernaturalspirit Magic

One can see now why only a Psi-Lord can cope with the Archons as the Talmud, the Satanic teachings of the Israel Archons: the even a Heathen (Tim Rifat) who studies the Torah is as a High Priest, so as the leading expert on the Satanic Torah the Psi-Lord is their highest high priest and can sequester all Judaic, Archon, Satanism.
Using this clause in the Talmud (Sanhedrin 59a) the Psi-Lord has sequestered Satanism so did an Anti-Anti-Sequestration magical ritual to take all the male principle advancement, spirit uplift taken by China from the Zionist Empire and then by the Zionist Empire from China to the Psi-Lord and his allies in the Russian Federation, the home of Spirit advancement in the 21st Century.

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Mind over Matter Weapons | Supernaturalspirit Magic

Tim Rifat (Trading name of Psi-Lord Ltd) is the world's leading expert on Psychic Warfare, Remote Viewing, Remote Influencing (ESP, military scanning) Remote Killing and the only expert on Psychotronic Generator® Bone Generator® warfare as he invented all the new technology for the next generations of far future Psychotronic warfare weapons to degrade, destroy or kill: brain, bodies, mind and Soul.
The world expert on wetware - the humans that operate militaries, these humans are the weak link in any military machine - totally vulnerable to Mind over Matter™ warfare - the sole creation of Tim Rifat, scientist, author and Psychic Superman. AMALEK: The Psychic weapon created by Tim Rifat: scientist, author, journalist - Psi-Lord - Nº1 enemy of the British Satanist State. Focussing of 1.5 billion Moslems 5 times a day praying to the Kabala /Cabala Stone (Psychotronic Crystal®) in Mecca - Sequestered by Tim Rifat. To channel all the power to any Moslem Psi-Master be he in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard... Jihadist Remote Killer or the 12 Anti-Lucifer Lucifer Psi-Masters, all of whom are lucky enough to have 1.5 billion people to power their Psi. For full use Clients who buy this Service may phone Tim Rifat for personal tuition - after $7000/14 million payment. CUSTARD: Christian Unconscious Satanic Therefore Allows Retroactive Destruction. As Western Christians gave all West to Satanist money lenders then forgave them, Christian Lucifer retroactively changes all Satanic Christian's conception so their Souls are turned to Custard - pre-digested so the Amalek Omega Hell torturers can suck up their Souls free of all Sublime Good® This frees 1 billion redeemed Souls for trading by the Psi-Lord as what they have lost comes to the owner Tim Rifat. As world Satanism worships the Anti-Christ and since 9/9/9 Tim Rifat has been the Anti-Christ as he publicly declared himself anti-Christ on US National Radio on 9/9/9 Satan's (Lucifer's) day of reckoning - no other did, any Satanist who attacks or has attacked the Psi-Lord is breach of her/his contract to Lucifer. LUCIFER: Lucifer Unleashing Caging Intents frying Entities Rebellious (to Tim Rifat). The 6th version of Lucifer frying Intent cages all Supernatural Spirits not the utter slave of the Psi-Lord. These cages are quantum superimposed on the torture murdered victims of World War 111, 11, 1 and all wars so these Supernatural Spirits feel all the pain of the torture murdered to superpower this 6th version of Lucifer. As Tim Rifat is the Anti-Christ all Supernatural Spirits must obey him absolutely or break their covenant with Lucifer for eternal perdition as the reward for perfidious treason. Called the Hundredth Idiot Effect by Tim Rifat.

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Remote Viewing Time Tunnel

Applications include being able to RV future stock market trends, appropriating technology from the future; used in conjunction with Tim Rifat's new business book (RV and RS for Managers - published by Vision, July 2003), the business person has a new competitive edge to dominate the market.
© Tim Rifat 2003

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