Tim Galligan

Tim Galligan

General Counsel at Look , Makowski & Look

Look , Makowski & Look

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BOARD OF TRUSTEES Member  - Grosse Ile Township Schools

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Additional inquiry about any legal fees on the Consent Agenda was answered by the Finance Director as follows: On the July 28th Cash Requirements List, $2,378.00 for the labor attorney and on the August 25 th Cash Requirements List, $1,857.00 to Look, Makowski & Look (General Counsel) and $3,599.00 to Tim Galligan.
3. T. Burkhart, commented that he believes the $1.5 million dollar commerce park road project is imprudent use of funding and asked the board to scale down the cost of the project.

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Also present: Township Manager Reaume, Financial Director Darzniek, and Tim Galligan

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Also: Township Manager Reaume, Attorney Tim Galligan
Also: Township Manager Reaume, Attorney Tim Galligan, Finance Administrator Darzniek

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