Tim Faver

Tim Faver

Prosecutor at Beltrami SWCD

701 Minnesota Ave NW Suite 113, Bemidji, Minnesota, United States
Beltrami SWCD
HQ Phone:
(218) 333-4158

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Attorney  - Pennington County


J.D.  - 


Board Member  - Evergreen Youth & Family Services Inc

County Attorney  - Northern Herald Publications Inc

Board Member  - Evergreen House Inc

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On January 9, 2001, Beltrami County Attorney Tim Faver signed a criminal complaint against Jawnie Hough, charging her with the felony of depriving another of "custodial or parental rights.
The complaint states that "the Beltrami County Sheriff's Department ... attempted," for nearly six months, "without success to located the child. Press/ON telephoned Mr. Faver, who stated that "law enforcement went out of their way" to find Jawnie. The day after Beltrami County Attorney Tim Faver signed the criminal complaint charging Jawnie with a felony, Jawnie and her daughter were apprehended by University of Minnesota police at the Fairview University Medical Center in Minneapolis. Press/ON asked Beltrami County Attorney Tim Faver about his decision to file criminal charges against Jawnie: in a county where she did not reside, and for the "crime" of retrieving a daughter of whom she had legal custody. According to Faver, it was a "case where there are battling court orders from tribal court and [Minnesota] District court. Faver explained the position of the County Attorney's office: "We do not distinguish between tribal court orders or State court orders. A court order is a court order. We do not look behind court orders in terms of the process that was used to get a court order. If [the court order is] facially valid, then we act on those orders." Press/ON asked Faver about longstanding problems civil rights and deficiencies in due process at the Red Lake tribal courts. Faver reiterated that the County Attorney's office does not scrutinize tribal court orders, and that if court order is "facially valid," the County acts on it. Press/ON asked Faver about the legal basis for his interpretation of the validity of Red Lake court orders. Faver explained that the Indian Child Welfare Act requires that the State give "cognizance" to tribal court orders, and that the Violence Against Women Act also requires the State to recognize tribal court orders. Press/ON asked how the extremely limited instances specified in these two federal laws compelled the District courts and the County Attorney's Office to overturn its own custody determination. Faver said that it is "not proper for me to make judgments" about the Red Lake courts, and that, "it would be paternalistic" for the County Attorney's office to "say" that Red Lake courts were "deficient. He also said that individuals affected by State recognition of tribal court orders were "free to challenge" the County's policy in court, although he acknowledged that there "might be practical problems" in doing so. When pressed about civil rights and due process concerns, Faver said that the Red Lake courts were, "like any political system.

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Perhaps the most contentious of the candidate debates was the contest for Beltrami County Attorney, as the current County Attorney Tim Faver, who has held the position for 25 years, is not seeking reelection.

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