Thorbjørn Harr

Thorbjørn Harr

Actor at National Theatre

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Jury Member  - Telenor AB

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Photo journalist Marcus Bleasedale will show its strong projections comprising; images, movies and stories performed by actors such as Thorbjorn Harr and Ine Jansen.
Thorbjorn Harr is an actor at the National Theatre.

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One of them, Thorbjorn Harr (who is now a famous actor in Norway and works at the National Theatre), I must admit to having been madly in love with way back when......Nothing ever happened between us, other than a lot of flirting and some great hanging out with him and the other two Norwegians (Harald Eia and Jan Paul....not sure what his last name is...). However - during the show they challenged us to a scene involving history.Thorbjorn got up and told the audience all about the summer we hung out, how he had felt the same way but had had a girlfriend at the time that he wanted to stay faithful to...who ended up dumping him not long after he returned from Canada, etc....And he wanted to do a scene with ME that would show the life that we might have had IF we had kissed that summer!!!!Anyhow.....In the scene Thorbjorn and I were married, not all that happily, with two ROTTEN, foul-mouthed kids (Shawn Kinley and Derek Flores) and it came out that we had an agreement that we were to live in Canada for 13 years...and then move to Norway.....But I confessed that I couldn't move to Norway....because I can't stand the sound of Norwegian.As Thorbjorn was about to leave I suggested that we should at least have a goodbye kiss then....The audience went CRAZY and Thorbjorn and I both got a bit nervous in a "19 year old" way - because it's strange how something like that can take you RIGHT back to where you were 13 years ago!The lights came down on our actual "first-kiss-13-years-after-the-fact", which was lovely and awkward, and partially done in a comedic way to save us both from anything "too real".....But it was nice.Only in the world of improv do you get to manufacture some of the moments you wish you'd had and get to tie up some loose ends.Thorbjorn is well and has a wonderful life in Norway.....He's a father of a beautiful little boy name Illias, and he's going to marry Illias's mother Thai in August.We even got the chance to hang out with Thorbjorn, Jan Paul, Tony and their families and walk through the Norwegian wood and spend some time at Jan Paul's house and see the domestic side of Norwegian life.

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Jan Paul also has a TV show of some kind (as well as a few children!)...and Thorbjorn Harr is a STATE actor at the National Theatre...(and I believe also played the Jack Tripper role on the Norwegian remake of Three's Company!).

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