Thomas Young

Thomas E. Young

Director, Ornithologist at Wildlife Center

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Master Falconer  - 

degree  - ornithology , Cornell University

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Director: Tommy Young, Master Falconer, Ornithologist
Wildlife Educational Center Animals with permanent injuries or disabilities are housed in a natural setting for educational purposes at the Center. See a youtube video of Tommy interviewed by a local TV station: Click here When Tommy was called to help a doe hit by a car, he couldn't save the doe, but he cut the fawn out of her belly, raised it and released it. It's not unusual for Tommy to travel many miles to pick up an injured or starving animal. Injured critters are also brought to the Center by both state and federal wildlife agents, although Tommy receives no funds from any state or federal agencies for his rehab work.

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Tommy Young, founder of the Arkansas Native Plant and Wildlife Center holds both state and federal rehabilitation licenses.
The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission designated Mr. Young the official bear rehabilitator for the state. All donations and proceeds from the auction will be used to construct the bear rehabilitation enclosure. This event is open to the public and activities are planned to appeal to all ages, from children to adults. Everyone is encouraged to attend from 2 pm to 4 pm. In addition to the African Safari sweepstake drawing, there will be plenty of food and beverage refreshments, a silent auction, door prizes, a talk on wildlife by Tommy Young, a bird release, guest appearances of exotic feline kittens with photo opportunities, and American Indian children's stories about felines and other animals told by Standing Bear. Standing Bear is a Kituwah (Cherokee) storyteller and historian and a long-time resident of Manataka (Hot Springs) who has studied American Indian history and customs for more than 40 years. Standing Bear will also introduce the Manataka American Indian Council, a non-profit, international, inter-tribal, cultural, educational, and spiritual organization based in Hot Springs. Standing Bear will present Tommy Young with an honorary membership. Mr. Young has successfully rehabbed 37 bears, 10,000 hawks, 9,000 owls, 22 bald eagles, 18 golden eagles, and 22,000 mammals. Mr. Young is also a master falconer. Mr. Young will be giving a wildlife talk to visitors and release birds that have been successfully rehabilitated. "Tommy's work is extremely important to wildlife in Arkansas and the surrounding states. He is a valued member of the FCF. I have the highest respect for the work he does, and I wish to help him continue to save our sick, starving, and injured wildlife. Tommy gives nature a second chance.

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BY MELANIE BUCK - Two hawks were released last Friday as part of Tommy Young's push for 80,000 total releases in his thirty years of rehabilitating animals.
Young nursed the bird ...

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