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China Doll Productions - Tom Tamez

Tom TamezChina Doll Productions - Tom TamezThomas TamezOwner and Director Of Business DevelopmentRebel's Domain PublishingTom Tamez was born in Santa Ana Ca.He entered the US Navy in 1967 and did two terms during Vietnam.He was honorably discharged with the rank of ABF3.He began studying and received his first Black Belt in Shotokan Karate while in Japan.He went on to study Polynesian American Fighting under Master David Nuuhiwa.Master Tamez Studied Shoalin Kung Fu under Master John Yee in San Francisco.He has been dedicated to studying and perfecting his skills in a variety of styles from American Kenpo under Master Fred Brewster to Tai Chi Chuan and Outlaw Style Tai Chi, a style in which he holds an 8th Black Sash from Master Jay Kekina of Hawaii.Tom AKA.Master Tamez studied and instructed LimaLama Arts of Self Defense under World Famous Grand Master Tu'umamao' (Tino) Tuiolosega and in 2004 was personally presented his 8th Degree Black Belt by Grand Master Tuiolesega and his son Senior Master Rudolph (Rudy) Tuiolosega.Master Tamez has trained and protected some of our most important members of society, Governors, Senators and a variety of Celebrity Talent. Tom Tamez has owned, operated and consulted with some of the world's most successful Martial Arts Studios and security & self defense companies for more than thirty years.He co-founded and operated Security Operation Consultants (S.O.C.) with a group of Special Forces partners.S.O.C. trained anti-terrorism and hostage rescue to law enforcement groups, as well as the private sector companies and individuals.His training has been successfully utilized by body guards, police, military and others in their mutual defense for decades. Tom Tamez is Owner/Director of Business Development for Rebel's Domain Publishing.As part of his role with Rebel's Domain, he is supporting the effort to see "The China Doll Trilogy" on the big screen.Home Page | Kevin McDonald | Tom Tamez | Bill Benavides | Contact Us

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Practically Invisible, is Kevin's way of telling us all to get a clue," said Rebel's Domain publisher Tom Tamez.

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When we were founded in 2005 by Thomas Tamez, we believed that there were too many independent authors that did not have an opportunity to share their work.
Thomas Tamez Rebel's Founder

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