Thomas Drake

Thomas R. Drake

Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Berkley Risk Administrators Company , LLC

222 South Ninth Street Suite 2700, Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
HQ Phone:
(612) 766-3000

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Tom Drake, Information Systems (612) 766-3108

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Thomas R. Drake, Chief Information Officer (612) 766-3108

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Currently, customers are also demanding systems that customize information and produce reports unique to their company's realm, said Tom Drake, chief information officer for Berkley Risk Administrators in Minneapolis.Customers, he said, are increasingly dissatisfied with "plain vanilla," off-the-shelf programs. School risk managers, for example, now are not satisfied with loss codes that indicate only that an accident on their property resulted in a leg injury.They want codes that provide greater detail, such as the specific location on their property the accident occurred.If, for example, the accident happened on a certain piece of playground equipment, they want that information in their codes. "That is where we are seeing this evolve," Mr. Drake said."Into a much higher level of customization than it had before." Just as they are seeking out more specific information about their own es, risk managers also want to benefit from the data that computer system vendors have collected from helping other risk managers in similar industries, Mr. Drake said.

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