Thomas Docherty

Thomas Docherty

Professor of English at University of Warwick

Gibbet Hill Rd, Coventry, West Midlands, United Kingdom

General Information


Professor  - University of Warwick Computing Society

President  - Gaming

Chair Professor of English (1867)  - Trinity College Dublin

Professor of English  - University of Kent


Mathematics and Philosophy , Glasgow

MA  - English and French Language and Literature , Glasgow


Member of the Steering Committee  - Council for the Defence of British Universities

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Thomas Docherty (Distinguished Professor, Warwick University)

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Thomas Docherty (Professor, Department of English, University of Warwick)
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Thomas Docherty advances the invention and development of a new critical theory.
By Thomas Docherty Through philosophical, literary and theoretical analysis, Thomas Docherty shows how easy it has been for criticism to become essentially an act of political collaboration with existing governmental power. The book explores the various ways in which, both historically and theoretically, critical activity has become complicit with the over-arching social and political norms that it aims to undermine. Philosophically, ethically and politically, criticism's fundamental impulse is too often intrinsically negated. In extreme political form, this places criticism in line with collaborationist activity. Docherty then finds a productive way out of the double-bind in which criticism has traditionally found itself, through an idea of criticism as a mode of 'reserve', a mode of commitment that eschews fundamentalism of all kinds. Preface and Acknowledgements / 1. Introduction: On Being a Bastard / 2. Diplomacy and Law / 3. Accountancy; or, on Being a Bureaucrat / 4. Skin in the Game / 5. On Democratic Responsibility / 6. 'Open the Doors!'; or, On Commitment and Reserve / Bibliography / Index Thomas Docherty's Complicity is a brave and important book about the nature of commitment in criticism in a world where responsibility and complicity war with one another to give shape to our interpretive endeavors. Challenging the comforts of institutional inertia, Docherty offers new insights into the nature of intellectual engagement, "openings" spurred by culture that fight complicity's claims on who we are. Drawing on critical theory, literature, film and the arts, Docherty confronts the reader with a potent diagnosis of our age and demands resistance. Thomas Docherty is Professor of English and Comparative Literature at the University of Warwick. He is the author of fourteen books, including Universities at War (2014), Confessions: The Philosophy of Transparency (2012), Aesthetic Democracy (2006), Criticism and Modernity (1999), Alterities (1996) and After Theory (1996).

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