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Teacher - Downers Grove Park District Fitness Center

Member, Staff - Wellness and Massage Training Institute

Nationally Certified Massage-Shiatsu Therapist


Chicago School of Massage Therapy

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Suburban Life - New year time to make changes for healthier lifestyle

These can involve a variety of modalities, massage therapist Terry Moro of Downers Grove said. For instance, body work -- and we're not talking automotive paint jobs and pushing dents out of fenders -- can range from therapeutic massage to shiatsu, reiki and Qigong.On the other hand, massage could be likened to giving a car a tuneup in that it does not always have to be used when a problem already exists; it can be considered preventive maintenance. Besides massage, there are additional holistic approaches to better health and well-being, such as aromatherapy, meditation, reflexology and hot rocks therapy.Moro, a nationally certified massage and shiatsu therapist, is qualified to practice multiple modalities such as these. Moro has had her own private practice since 1985 when she graduated from the Chicago School of Massage Therapy.Before that, she worked in printing, doing graphic designs.What prompted the career switch? "I wanted to do something that was more directly helping people," she explained.Over the years, Moro stated, more and more research has validated the benefits of these kinds of therapy.According to the American Massage Therapy Association, for instance, people get massages to "relax, relieve aches and pains, and help reduce stress.Research shows it reduces the heart rate, lowers blood pressure, increases blood circulation and lymph flow, relaxes muscles, improves range of motion, and increases endorphins, the body's natural pain killers." More people are aware of these benefits, not just from reading the research but from experiencing these benefits for themselves, Moro explained.Therapeutic massage is even being offered in the workplace, she said, with employers learning that it "helps employees to be more productive, have better morale and require fewer days off." As a therapist, Moro has to be licensed by the state and must earn a set number of continuing professional education credits every two years.This is to ensure that she keeps abreast of new techniques and research.She practices different modalities, she said, so she can offer choices to her clients. "An athlete might require a different treatment than an 80-year-old with fragile bones," she explained. In any case, treatment does not have to be a case of one method or another; Moro will often use a combination of modalities with her clients. For a winter tuneup, in particular, she suggests that people pay attention to their kidney energy. "Nourish the kidneys and bladder by drinking lots of water and cutting down on salt intake," Moro advised.Also, "just as animals that live in tune with nature tend to slow down and even hibernate in winter months, people should slow down and rest up for the more active spring and summer months." Moro teaches meditation classes for the Downers Grove Park District Fitness Center, is on the staff of the Wellness and Massage Training Institute in Woodridge and has made presentation on different health modalities for entities such as the Downers Grove Public Library.Gift certificates for a health care session with Moro for any of the modalities she practices are available year-round. For more information, she can be reached at (630) 810-0058.

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WMTI - Wellness and Massage Training Institute

TERRY MORO, a Nationally Certified Massage-Shiatsu Therapist, is a graduate of the Chicago School of Massage Therapy and has been in private practice in Downers Grove for 12 years.
In 1993 Terry studied Qi Gong with Master Wang Jue Ming in Broding , China , and also teaches Shiatsu at College of DuPage . Terry incorporates Therapeutic Touch, Reiki, and Flower essences into her eclectic style. In 1993 Terry studied Qi Gong with Master Wang Jue Ming in Broding , China , and also teaches Shiatsu at College of DuPage . Terry incorporates Therapeutic Touch, Reiki, and Flower essences into her eclectic style.

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