Teresa Leyden

Teresa Leyden

Manager, Entertainment at Philadelphia Phillies

1 Citizens Bank Way Ofc, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
HQ Phone:
(215) 463-6000

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Manager, Entertainment  - Philly.com

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Teresa Leyden
Teresa Leyden Manager, Entertainment "It was archaic," said Teresa Leyden, Manager of Entertainment for the Philadelphia Phillies. "Think of the most basic way of running scripts and that's what we were doing. We were using an Excel sheet and, as much as we could, we would cram onto one sheet, which wasn't always successful given the number of things we execute on a given night." She adds: "It was very much on me to make sure that the run-of-show didn't have any hiccups, that I didn't have anything out of order, that timing was done properly. All of that was really on me to make sure it was consistent and correct. Teresa believes the previous scripting process dated back to the early 1970s: "I don't think Excel is that old, but whatever typewriter provision you can think of, the process probably existed before that. Since adopting Shoflo, the Phillies have a single game day script for the different elements which can be updated by multiple users. This means more opportunities to catch and amend mistakes and more time for planning ahead. Teresa explains: "Now everyone has access to this and can edit it as they see fit. Teresa is the author of the daily script timelines and PA scripts. On game days, she works on the field coordinating operations so all script elements happen as planned. Before adopting Shoflo, Teresa would have to print and distribute 30 paper scripts to the team. Teresa no longer spends game days with her fingers crossed, hoping nothing will go wrong. "The nice thing about it is that, before, we were almost taking Teresa's script and duplicating it to put on our script. And, like Teresa, it has also boosted his confidence that updates and amendments are sure to be seen and acted upon. Teresa would send a lot of emails, generate a lot of paper - and follow these up with a lot of apologies. She explained: "With the old scripting process, the goal was always to send the script out once, just once for the game. But, inevitably, you had a version which was emailed out maybe three or four times on a really, really bad, bad day where the gods are against us." "It just killed me to send that email out again and say 'Sorry, this person's name is now this.' I really, really tried not to do that. It's something that you really don't want to do unless the change is that necessary that you want to bring that much attention to that many people." To avoid bombarding the 30 person team with emails, Teresa often had to make a judgement call. "If we had any kind of changes, I really tried to go with the core group of people that really, really needed to know first before I made it a big email. Using Shoflo means that Teresa and Sean no longer worry that making minor detail changes in the script will result in a time-wasting paper and email trail. Under the previous system, that two-minute change could cost the team at least 10 minutes in extra work with Teresa having to generate, then circulate another script change email. Teresa was apprehensive about how the team would adapt to the new system, but praised the support she received from Shoflo to smooth the transition. Teresa explained: We deal with the pre-game starts, then Teresa does her pre-game spot where we do the first balls and the anthem and then we go back into our faded vision script again, where we'd go through all of our sponsor ads." With Teresa, Sean and David now able to input their separate elements into the same script, there's no overlap and less room for mistakes to creep in. Stress levels are lower and the team are focused on improving scripts rather than avoiding mistakes.

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