Tara Sudlow

last updated 4/12/2018

Tara Sudlow

Director at Phuket Realty Co. Ltd

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Property Manager - Laguna Phuket


Curtin University of Technology

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Ms. Tara Sudlow of Phuket Realty explained that, "the average price per sq.m. of a seaward property is difficult to define, since it depends a lot on the quality of the specifications, the kind of build (i.e. flat land or hillside - hillside being a more expensive build), the location of the land; NW, W & SW all vary in price and specific pockets of land can be more or less expensive than others.
Ms. Sudlow who describes the east coast as "nearly developed" believes, "It is more peaceful and visually attractive with lovely views over Phang-Nga and the islands. Ms. Sudlow defines a sea view as, "any property that has clear views of the sea from the ground or living area.

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Lakeshore Townhouse - Phuket Property Direct

Tara Sudlow (Agent)
Phuket Realty & Associates Phone: +66 (0)76 325 411 Mobile: +66 (0)81 892 4741

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Phuket People Articles - Phuket Gazette

Profile: Tara Sudlow - A special connection with Phuket
PHUKET: Tara Sudlow is a Perth native who moved to Phuket 22 years ago, and for the last 13 years has been running her...

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