Tana Aardal

Tana R. Aardal

Senior Vice President Public Sector Banking at Bank of America Corporation

100 N Tryon St, Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
HQ Phone:
(704) 386-5681

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2003 Meeting minutes

· Letter from Tana Aardal, Bank of AmericaASD Jones extended appreciation for the invaluable assistance provided by the underwriter for Bank of America Tana Aardal, Preston Gates & Ellis Bond Counsel Nancy Naraas with assistance of Deanna Gregory and Stacie Amasaki.Commissioner Tobin explained that Tana Aardal, of Bank of America, was running a few minutes late, so the meeting would continue until her arrival.Refinance Presentation - Tana Aardal, Bank of America Tana Aardal presented the Board with a proposal letter for refinancing the $1 million balloon payment due December 1, 2003.She explained the terms of the note or Limited General Obligation Bond (LTGO Bond), which would be 10 years at 4.19% interest, closing within two weeks from resolution signature.The origination fee would be $2,500, which would be billed to the District.She also explained there was a prepayment penalty clause, in that, if interest rates fell there would be a penalty, but if interest rates rose there would be no penalty.Nancy Narcaas, Bond Counsel, explained she would be sending to the Board a resolution for their signature authorizing the LTGO Bond and locking in the interest rate, which could be signed at the next meeting.The Board reviewed the material presented, terms of the Bond and payment schedule.ASD Jones assured the Board the payment had been figured into the proposed budget and the proposal reviewed and approved by the District's legal counsel. The Board thanked Ms. Aardal and Ms. Naraas for their attendance and presentation, and concurred to go forward with the refinancing as presented.

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