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last updated 11/13/2017

Syed Nazir Gilani

Chairman at Kashmir Council for Human Rights

Kashmir Council for Human Rights

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Peace Activist - Kuldip Nayar

Parliamentary Committee on Kashmir

Advocate - Supreme Court


Ph.D. - Jurisprudence of UN Resolutions on Kashmir , 


Secretary - JKCHR

Member - International Platform of Jurists

Secretary - Mirwaiz

Secretary - NGO Jammu and Kashmir Council for Human Rights

Founder - Government

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A representative of Jammu and Kashmir Council for Human Rights (JKCHR), Dr Syed Nazir Gilani said, the present state government was 'duly elected by its people'.
Gilani, Gilani, a British jurist of Kashmiri origin currently in Srinagar, while speaking at a press conference lambasted the Hurriyat leaders saying that they have 'hardly encouraged a free debate or relied on independent inputs and seem to be lost in a wilderness'. "All substantive work required to advance the interests of the people has been taken over by routine press statements and counter statements, aimed amongst themselves or targeted at the state government duly elected by the people," Gilani said. Gilani, for his criticism in the past as well is not in the good books of separatist leadership while local people on ground are not much aware of his activities. He said that it has been a mistake to single out, target and scapegoat the state government. "J&K government has in fact entered into an agreement (provisional) with the Government of India seeking to protect 'life', 'honour' and 'property' in Kashmir. We have failed to agitate that J&K Government has for last 56 years continued to fail the people of the state as defined in article 4 of the J&K Constitution," he said. The activist claimed that the concept of 'self-determination' has died down, though people of Kashmir having suffered a lot'. "Yet we seem to have failed to evolve a reliable political narrative of our own," he said. "In fact we have failed on these three fronts (politics, militancy and diplomacy) and with the death of a generation remain responsible for the death of self-determination," Gilani said. Gilani also criticized the Government of India for 'dishonouring the promise of its own Prime Minister, late Jawaharlal Nehru, that Kashmiris will be given the right of self-determination to decide their future'.

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Islamabad, Oct 23: Jammu and Kashmir Council for Human Rights (JKCHR) secretary general Dr. Syed Nazir Gilani has said that Kashmir is not a dispute as ordinarily understood but the question of a title of the people of Kashmir to self determination.
It embeds in 132 year Rights Movement and remains envisaged in UN resolutions on Kashmir. People of Kashmir are equal to any other people under the principle of self determination. Dr. Gilani was participating in a panel discussion organised by a ATV network based in Islamabad. He said that death of a generation in Kashmir has caused a serious number deficit in the process of self determination. In fact we have killed the right of self determination for some time. It is not realisable in the near future and we need to defend the principle of self determination. JKCHR Secretary General has said that the people and geography of Kashmir is divided and distributed on either side of LOC. There is a fourth articulate Kashmiri, the Kashmiri Diaspora in addition to the other three living in the three administrations of Kashmir. Dr. Gilani said that India and Pakistan may have their respective claims on Kashmir but Kashmir should not be considered as a dispute in the ordinary sense but should be understood as a case of self determination of the people of Kashmir which is embedded in the Charter obligation of 194 member nations of the United Nations. Dr. Gilani was elected at the UN World Conference on Human Rights in Vienna, in June 1993 to represent the Unrepresented Peoples and Nations of the World. He addressed the Plenary and Main Committee on behalf of Unrepresented Peoples and Nations of the World.

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Islamabad, June 2: Veteran Human Rights campaigner and the General Secretary of Jammu and Kashmir Council for Human Rights, Dr. Syed Nazir Gilani has said that a true friend of the people of Kashmir and a true advocate of self-determination would always assure that living numbers in Kashmir are saved for a final count in self determination saying that right to life preceeds the right to self-determination. "It is the duty of every Pakistani and Kashmiri school of politics and discipline of life to seriously consider their right to intervene and interfere in all matters that affect the life of a common man and woman in Kashmir", Dr. Gilani made these assertions in an open letter addressed to the political leadership of Pakistan and Kashmiri leaders. Gilani said, "There is a need to understand that the right of self-determination precedes the process of accession to Pakistan.Gilani said, "We have to encourage the people of Kashmir to negotiate for themselves and save them from being negotiated by India and Pakistan.

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