Susan Hughes

last updated 10/20/2017

Susan M. Hughes

Professor of Psychology at Albright College

1621 N. 13th St., Reading, Pennsylvania, United States
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New research by Albright College associate professor of psychology Susan Hughes, Ph.D., has found that men and women alter their voices when speaking to lovers versus friends and that such variations can potentially be used to detect infidelity.
"It's not just that we change the sound of our voice, but that others can easily perceive those changes," said Hughes, an expert in evolutionary psychology and voice perception.

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In an effort to see how revealing our voices were, Dr. Susan Hughes of Albright College procured a series of audio clips of different people simply counting from one to ten.
Half of the speakers had elsewhere admitted to having cheated on a romantic partner in the past, while half had not. Then, Dr. Hughes asked a series of participants to listen to various audio clips, asking them to extrapolate what they could from just the sound of the voices. These participants were given no outside details or context besides the mundane numerical recitation. However, despite the groundbreaking nature of Dr. Hughes' research, there are still many unanswered questions. For example, she declined to offer a comprehensive explanation for how this is possible! Dr. Hughes attempted to test whether the pitch of the voice had any effect on participant evaluations. She adjusted the pitch in many of the audio clips, so that the same voice was presented with a higher or lower pitch.

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A recent kissing study performed by Susan M. Hughes of Albright College found that 59 percent of males and 66 percent of females confessed they would end a relationship if the first kiss left something to be desired.
When kissing hormonal cues from our saliva are actually guiding our and our partner's mental thought processes.

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