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A book I would love to read:I Forgot to Remember: A Memoir of Amnesia by Su Meck (Simon & Schuster).
The author suffered severe brain injuries 23 years ago that erased all her previous memories. This is her story. Meck wrote an editorial in New York Times Magazine in 2011 that piqued my interest. Her memoir will be released in February 2014, and I cannot wait to read it.

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Do you remember who you are? Amnesia on the page – Uncategorized – BookTrib

That jolting line begins Su Meck's 2014 memoir, I Forgot to Remember.
Meck suffered a rare case of complete retrograde amnesia, known as "Hollywood amnesia" because it occurs more in movies than in real life. She has absolutely no memories between her birth in 1965 and May 22, 1988. On that day she was playing with her son in their kitchen when a ceiling fan fell on her head. Much of the book's early section is reconstructed from hospital medical records. Having entered with partial paralysis, horrible headaches, and extremely limited vocabulary, Meck improved enough that doctors released her within three weeks, recording that her long-term memory "seems fairly unaffected. Meck expresses outrage at her treatment, in her typically sarcastic, slang-filled style: "I was the goddamned valedictorian of head injury patients! How could doctors have overlooked her total amnesia? The accident created such a rupture in Meck's identity that she refers to having lived two lives. Clueless about finances and unsuspicious about Jim's months-long work trips, Su was flabbergasted to learn he'd blown most of their money on strip clubs and affairs. He also has "sleep drunkenness," which causes him to shout and hit people in his sleep. Su Meck Meck rebuilt her confidence by taking classes at Montgomery College. After two decades of concealing the accident, trying desperately to be like everyone else, she found freedom in telling her story. She was approached by a Washington Post reporter (coauthor Daniel de Visé), and her experience became front-page news in 2011. Now a Smith College student, she continues sharing her life story to raise awareness of traumatic brain injury. Posted in Uncategorized | Tagged Amnesia, Before I Go to Sleep, Biographies & Memoirs, Brain on Fire, David Stuart Maclean, Gone Girl, Hollywood, I Forgot to Remember, Jennie Shortridge, Love Water Memory, Memories, SJ Watson, Su Meck, Susannah Calahan, The Answer to the Riddle is Me |

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Student Success Plaza

This first-person account in The New York Times Magazine by Su Meck, an adult student at Smith College, is remarkable by any measure.
At the age of 23, Su suffered a head injury and lost her memory. Not for a day or two, but permanently. Read her inspiring story and it might just change what you think you know about learning and motivation.

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