Steven Liefschultz

Steven B. Liefschultz

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Equity Bank

5900 Green Oak Drive Suite 100, Minnetonka, Minnesota, United States
Equity Bank
HQ Phone:
(952) 939-7200

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Chairman - Teledigital Development Inc

Chairman - XOX Corporation

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Why Minnesota Is Considered the 2nd Popular Most Home Buyers Market |

Whether you are a prospective homebuyer, associated with realty development business and looking for an established financial institute regarding realty loan or advisory in the state of Minnesota, contact Steve Liefschultz, the CEO or his team at Equity Bank and avail the best solution matching your requirement.
The inceptor, CEO and Chairman, Equity Bank Steve Liefschultz and his great associates are focused on all real estate property loans as well as investment loans helping both buyers and developers to reach their dreams. For residents of Minnetonka and Claremont, the Equity Bank is top popular today. Being an expert, Steve Liefschultz is highly efficient to deal with simple to most critical cases relating to commercial litigation, negotiation, documentation as well as commercial real estate matters. He is also functioning as the chief executive officer and chairman of The REMADA Company. Having been in the real estate, banking and lending business segment, Steve Liefschultz, the Chairman of Equity Bank can support you in all terms from credit rating analysis, documenting loan application to expediting your loan. About Steve and Equity Bank Minnesota based Equity Bank is a privately controlled banking institute, which has successfully solidified its clientele all across Claremont and Minnetonka, in Minnesota. The financial enterprise is specializing in realty and investment loan areas. Being led by a weathered professional like Steve Liefschultz and a group of top notch experts from banking, realty and financial products industry the enterprise has assisted numerous clients in buying their dream homes, budding realtors in developing residential complexes and also home sellers to help their suitable buyers in getting loans. Steve is supported by a bachelor degree (BA) from the University of Minnesota.

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Why Researching before Seeking Loans Shall Save the Buyers from a Bad Buy? - New Hub..!!

Steve Liefschultz is the CEO of the institution who knows that when you go for purchasing property you would need to take loans.
However, even for seeking loans, one would need to know all of the details. If a person were planning to get income from the property by letting it out on rent, then he would have to find and analyze the income and expense sheet. He should not ignore even if there is a mild mismatch at the first glance. Seek advisors to advice in time. The first-time property buyer shall need to know many things and for that, they would need to consult Steve Liefschultz or his team members.

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Get Credible Real Estate Advice From A Financial Expert - Varascope Blog

In Minnesota, there is an experienced and skilled professional called Steve Liefschultz who is the CEO and the Founder of Equity Bank- a highly esteemed financial concern in the area.
He guides clients on the wide array of investment and financial options available to them in the market. There are many individuals and business houses that come to him for getting credible advice and recommendations on the diverse investment options available for their needs. When he is guiding his clients and business houses, he always takes their needs in consideration of their personal interests. He says that people often make the severe mistake of following their friends and family when it comes to making investment choices. This should not be done. Everyone has a unique need and when you are looking for your best interests you should consider what your investment goals are before you take the plunge. Steve says there are some first time investors who are confused about market choices and need a high element of guidance. It is here that he steps in to aid them. He also gives them options that are easy for them to understand. The risk factor and the pros and cons of the plan or the scheme they should opt for is explained to them in detail. This is how Steve wins the trust and confidence of his clients. They trust him for their needs and this is why they keep on coming back to him for their present and future needs. He also guides them in understanding policy terms and conditions. There are some financial terms that many new investors do not understand. Steve makes an earnest and sincere effort to make them understand. He says that all the implications of the policy should be understood clearly before the document is signed. Steve Liefschultz is a popular investment and financial professional in Minnesota and ensures you get the right investment, banking and real estate advice for your needs. He ensures that your personal interests are looked into and offers you customized advice all the time. He is a genuine and friendly professional who has carved a positive niche for himself in the field of banking and investment planning for both the short and the long run.

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