Steve Mahone

Steve Mahone

Proposal Manager at DHA Group Inc

1299 Pennsylvania Ave Suite 425, Washington, D.C., District of Columbia, United States
DHA Group Inc
HQ Phone:
(202) 347-9865

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Senior Proposal Writer, Proposal Content Developer - Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co

Director - CineVegas

Writer - , Inc.

Graduate Tutor - Virginia Commonwealth University


Campus Activities Board Film Committee, Public Relations Coordinator - Christopher Newport University

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Director: Steve Mahone
Writer: Steve Mahone IMDb:

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eFilmCritic - CineVegas '05 Interview ('Radiant' Director Steve Mahone)

CineVegas '05 Interview ('Radiant' Director Steve Mahone)"When I was first writing and directing it, I think I thought it was about living with AIDS, and the theory of relativity, and fear of otherness," says Radiant director Steve Mahone."But while editing it, I realized it was about loneliness." The virus in the movie, as opposed to most films, is actually developed for the purposes of good instead of warfare or just blind irresponsibility.What are you trying to say with the film or were just out to tell a group-on-the-run thriller? STEVE: I am not a scientist.STEVE: An oceanographer, or a writer of some sort.Interest in the mechanics of filmmaking came later.How did you get started in filmmaking?STEVE: Peter Weir's film THE LAST WAVE was the first film I saw where I understood what the director had done, and why.STEVE: Radiant is my first feature film to write and direct.STEVE: I watched a bunch of films, but not for content.More for storytelling style, content delivery, and visual ideas.STEVE: Two reasons, one artistic, the other pragmatic.STEVE: That's really hard.STEVE: This is our first acceptance, and we were invited because of a work-in-progress version that the Director of Programming had seen at another festival.STEVE: Sundance was where the CineVegas Director of Programming, Trevor Groth, saw our film.STEVE: A film called WEDNESDAY, directed by Justin Hilliard, looks really great.STEVE: I took post-production for granted, because of desk-top editing systems.STEVE: DUNE.Hands down.Two parter - name an actor you'd KILL to work with, and then name an actor in your own film that you really think is destined for great things.STEVE: First, let me be politic here.STEVE: When I'm directing DUNE MESSIAH (the second DUNE book).STEVE: No, I don't believe in that credit, for obvious reasons.STEVE: I'm a big believer in comics.I look at SIN CITY as the only real comic book film in existence.Radiant (written and directed by Steve Mahone) - starring James Cable, Jim Covault, Sandy Fish, Jeremy Schwartz, Matthew Tompkins, Bobby Urutia and Laurel Whittsett will have its premiere at the 2005 CineVegas Film Festival on Monday, June 13 at 1:30 PM and screen again on Wednesday, June 15 at 2:00 PM. You may contact Steve Mahone directly at CineVegas '05 Interview ('Radiant' Director Steve Mahone) CineVegas '05 Interview ('Radiant' Director Steve Mahone)

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Christopher Newport University's Steve Mahone (.368 avg, 21 RBI), and Andrew Garner (.286 avg, 7 RBI) represent strong hitting options.

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