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Steven J. Gervasio

President at TruStone America

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280 Broadway #202, Providence, Rhode Island, United States
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(401) 351-4448

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Chief Executive Officer - TruStone

"Jessica" - Tru Stone Capital

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Local News - The Daily Journal -

"Vineland is strategically a wonderful location when you look at markets like Philadelphia and Atlantic City," said Steve Gervasio, CEO and president of TruStone America.The company, based in Providence, R.I., operates Cumberland TruStone, the unofficial first tenant of Vineland Industrial Park South Phase 2.Its arrival preceded the groundwork that has enabled development of the rest of the property.The company manufactures aerated concrete, an insulated building material that is one-fifth the weight of normal concrete."I think (the industrial park) is a great location for any business," Gervasio said, adding he is looking forward to having new neighbors."I think the mayor and the city, I'm sure, will do a great job to make sure the tenants are the right tenants," he said."I think you have a diverse labor pool that's willing and able to work," Gervasio said.Cumberland TruStone has hired about 22 people over the past six months.

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BAC - About Us

Steve Gervasio, President and CEO of TruStone America, speaking to the Executive Council. Steve Gervasio, President and CEO of TruStone America, updated the Council on the status of the new AAC plant in New Jersey and introduced a new residential building approach using AAC called the "Shell Solution."This innovative approach responds to the MMP's recommendations related to expanding BAC's share of the residential construction market and addresses the challenges production developers have been facing related to the rising cost of lumber and poor quality materials, mold-related concerns, increased construction cycle times, and labor shortages.These challenges, Gervasio told the Council, create opportunities for TruStone and BAC.To put it in perspective, Gervasio laid out some compelling statistics."Every year about 2 million homes are built, and the top ten production builders represent over 400,000 of the housing starts annually.New wood framing alone is a $50 billion dollar industry.If we capture 20 percent of this housing construction over the next 20 years we will create 100,800 new jobs for BAC members." The AAC "Shell Solution" offers a developer the chance to build homes faster and with fewer steps that are more structurally sound, better insulated and more fire resistant than traditional wood construction, according to Gervasio, and consumers recognize the benefits.In a demonstration project in Apache Junction, Arizona with Pulte Homes, 12 identical homes were built using TruStone AAC.

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Local News - The Daily Journal -

Steven J. Gervasio, president and CEO of TruStone America, demonstrates how one can saw their "bricks" without cracking them. To illustrate the product's easy manipulation, CEO and President Steven J. Gervasio effortlessly demonstrated how it can be cut with a handsaw.When workers forgot to install a heater in an on-site bathroom made of AAC, he said, all they had to do was cut out a chunk of the wall to make room for it and the wiring.Gervasio credits the company's decision to locate here largely to Mayor Perry Barse's efforts to woo the firm, as well as the many business benefits and tax incentives offered.The company was eyeing a location far from New Jersey before Vineland upstaged that venture."We were looking at the Midwest before we were looking here, but they basically stood behind us and made this a reality," Gervasio said.

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