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Offical Drummer  - Piano Trends Music Company

Drum Instructor  - Piano Trends Music Company

Teacher  - Drum Corp




Member  - Drum Corp

Founder  - Heatstrokes Drum Contest

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Steve FagianoDrum Instructor Steve Fagiano -- Steve has been with Piano Trends Music Company for more than three years and is considered one of the area's best drummers.Steve is the founder of the Heatstrokes Drum Contest as well.Call for his availablility 815 477-4266.Catch Steve's band at Dunhills every other weekend.For more info on Steve visit his own website by clicking his name > Steve Fagiano

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Wow Fagiano, I have not seen the write up in 40 + years.
Steve Fagiano you are a true Patron Saint of the drumming world. God Bless you my friend. Semper Fi Steve, Its been years my friend and you haven't missed a beat. In fact, You've gotten better. Steve, I do not get to view You Tube often. We have a connection in our apartment building for all dwellers. The sound on this system is turned off. The management does not wish to have offending parties blaring sound to others who might not wish to hear it. I do go to the library from time to time where access is allowed with a headset provided. Steve, you are a joy to watch and hear. Mr. Fagiano, I would like to take time and let you know that after watching u-tube hits of you playing and of your kids drum line. I will be calling you soon Steve and setting up some lessons for him. Thank you for teaching and entertaining us folks. The very best to you. Brian Amoy Woodstock, IL. Wed. 14th, Nov 2012 Steve, I wanted to thank from the bottom of my heart for all the work you have done around the Chicago land area. Especially helping me with marching in the 2002 Royal Air reunion corps. Steve, Just wanted to say thanks for all the support,suggestions and mentoring you have given Greg though the years. His playing is a direct result of the years of hard work both of you put in. You have done a great job and I hope you know that both of us appreciate it. A part of you will always show every time he plays! Fagiano !! Way to go Fudge , Just wanted to say your drum line really rocked Sat. in Elmhurst. Steve: I so dearly love our Drum Corps and Football conversations. Steve, I just had to finally leave a note in your guest book. Steve , Just wanted to take the time to send you this write in from me a old Royal Air friend . I would like to say Thank You for keeping our classic drum corps music alive. Hey Steve, What a fantastic effort you're putting forth for the community and being a positive role model for all these kids through your teaching and drum clinics. Keep up the great work. Hey Steve, Thank you so much for letting me take part in the 2011 Annual Heat Strokes Competition at MCC, I had a great time drumming as well as watching the other Amazing drummers and getting to know them and their drumming influences. Well Steve, From the first time I heard the Chicago Royal Airs 1965 VFW Nationals show, I thought it was the finest drum and bugle corps performance I had ever heard; the songs selected and arranged by Truman Crawford, the Mitch Markovich drum parts, and, of course, the phenomenal brass section and percussion section performance execution. Steve Fagiano, your best bet in your area Hey Steve, I just wanted to say thanks and that I had a great time at the competition- Its nice when drummers get together, there's always a good vibe in the air. Hey Steve! Steve, The clinic I thought went very, very well. To Fagiano, My Favorite Drummer. Hey Steve, Watching your crew today was really a treat. Steve. You've always been one of my favorite & admired students. Steve you recently E Mailed Me a video of your Students playing The Drum Solo of The Royal-Airs. Dedicate Yourselfs To Steve, Your Families And, Someday Your Children! You All deserve to be on a D.V.D. I Would Love To Have One And, I'm Sure Former Fans Of The Royal-Airs And All Corps Members as Myself a Boston Crusader 1966 And 1967. Finally Steve You, Have My Vote To The Drum Corps Hall Of Fame! My First Drill Instructor Harold Murphy In B. Corps Was A Marine Like You And Got All Of Our Respect. We truly got to see first hand the talent, dedication, and professionalism that Steve has with his students. What talented, talented students. We have never seen anything like it. We have known Steve since he was a young boy in Chicago when he first started out with St. Michaels - Chi Angels Drum Corp. Love you Steve Vivian & Doug Lisle, IL. - Monday, May 4, 2009 12:17 PM My 9-Year old son has been taking lessons from Steve for about two years now and the experience has been phenomenal. Steve has taught him to play both drum set music and drum line music and in the short time Steve has been teaching my son the development is unbelievable. Steve does a great job of teaching the correct technique and discipline while making it fun. I don't think my son even realizes half the stuff he learns from Steve because they both really enjoy the experience and I enjoy watching the interaction. If you live in the McHenry County area and have a child who shows any interest at all in learning music or drums, Steve is the best you will find. I also want to compliment Steve on the Drum Clinic that he puts on every year at McHenry County College. Steve, I love your dedication to music education for kids. Hey Steve, I knew you in Phoenix. Dear Steve, Anyone who is going to Washington, D.C. has to visit the Marine Corps Headquarters and barracks and find Steve Fagiano's name on the Drum Corp wall. Steve, Arjun is fortunate to have found a great drum instructor in you. It is hard to believe that he started drum lessons only last spring. He came to you with only a passion for drumming and you nurtured that passion with both instruction and encouragement. He has not only enjoyed being part of the drumline but has learned a lot from the experience. Steve: I regret not taking the opportunity to play in the R/A with you. Hey Steve, It was really good to see you too. Thank You for your hospitality. Those drum solo's by Fagiano and Aldridge were the bomb. Steve. HEY STEVE, TOLD YA I'D CHECK OUT YOUR SITE AGAIN. ENJOYED THE PICTURES FROM THE OLD DAYS. GLAD TO HERE THINGS ARE GOIN GOOD FOR YA. Steve, and I enjoyed company with Ron Keel now at and also We performed in the Phoenix, AZ. area for a full year. Steve not only inspired me with his carefree and funloving attitude, he also made me a better bass player. If you are thinking about lessons with Steve, the value recieved will be forthcoming many years to come. STEVE, Your site is very good,the DVD is INCREDIBLE. TS the best DVD on rudiments for the drumset. (whew ! ) Fagiano, Dulski, Schmids, Munchkin, Gaeckle, Kubas, O'Neil Tru, Denny Carrol. Steve. What a nice web site. Hello I'm a student of Steve's and He is an amazing Drum Teacher. And I have to say! He is one of the best Drummers I have ever seen. Bryan L.I.T.H, IL - Wednesday, June 22, 2005 Steve, Old Friend, the site looks great and the contest history is tremendous. Steve, It was awesome talking drums with you kewl is it a couple of drummers can hit it off immediately only drummers can do that .....haha. Hey Steve, I met you at the 2000 NAMM show in L.A. we talked quite a while, you gave me your business card, I just saw your site posted on the DCI forum & wanted to say hello Good Luck! Mr.Fagiano. Steve Fagiano Steve. Steve. Love your site with all the pictures and pages. Steve its been years since I last saw you. In fact 10 years the 28th of June. Thanks for keeping me up to date on all the happenings going on Steve. Steve. Great web site & Video. Steve. Great web site & pic's. Steve, I wish the contest was out west, then I could get my hands on some of those prizes. Steve, I remember watching you at both State and Nationals. You put on quite a show. Hey Steve, Good to hear your back. Many years have passed and we all change. Hey Steve, Its kool that ur my drum teacher, im really learning a lot. Thanx Chase Steve Your web site is great & I am learning rudiments & things I never knew before. Steve- I want to get in the contest & start training. Steve, you've come a long way from that black-and-blue mark I saw the drill instructor drum on your shoulder in Marine Corps boot camp with that big drumstick (M-14). Steve, I just had to come here and tell you what a "hoot" I had this weekend listening to your drum line. Steve, Thanks for keeping me up to date on all thats going on with the corps.

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