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Agent  - Federal Bureau of Investigation

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Steve Dark goes on | Mar 24, 2011
Steve Dark goes on - Forum - Level 26 Steve Dark goes on Active Discussions Discussions I've Posted In Steve Dark goes on Add your response Riggins can not take it any more that Dark is not working for them any more and is looking for a way to make him suffer. And what's more than the information that he's related to ..... his worst nightmare sqweegel Dark has found it'slove but is she not jusing him ... His daughter is asking more and more about family and maybe she can bend here body like ....

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FBI agent Steve Dark comes close to apprehending Sqweegel, who retaliates by killing Dark's entire family.
Dark abandons his search for Sqweegel and leaves law enforcement. But after a particularly grisly murder, a former colleague is dispatched by the secretary of defense to persuade Dark to resume his duties. Zuiker, creator of the TV drama "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation," provides a worthy debut, the first in a trilogy featuring Dark. It turns out that Sqweegel has been watching Dark, who has started a new life, and his pregnant wife, Sibby. He provides a rhyme meant to taunt Dark and provide vague clues about his intentions.

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The trilogy follows Steve Dark, a former FBI agent pulled out of retirement to hun down the world's worst serial killers.
Throughout "Dark Origins," "Dark Prophecy," and finally "Dark Revelations" Steve Dark is pushed to the limit as he straddles the edge in an effort to capture the worst of the worst.

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