Stephen Parodi

Stephen M. Parodi

Infectious-Disease Specialist and Hospital at Kaiser Foundation Hospital

6041 Cadillac Avenue, Los Angeles, California, United States
HQ Phone:
(323) 857-2201

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Health: Antibiotic Resisters - Sacramento Magazine - May 2016 - Sacramento, California

"MRSA was acquired more frequently in the hospital starting in the 1980s," explains Stephen Parodi, M.D., an infectious disease specialist at Kaiser Permanente in Vacaville and Vallejo.
"C. diff is largely acquired in the hospital and becomes an infection after someone has been exposed to antibiotics," Parodi says. "We can safely say that over the last 10 years, we've reduced the amount of antimicrobials we prescribe, both in the hospital and in the medical office/clinic setting," Parodi says. "In an inpatient setting, we're able to contact the team that's taking care of the patient and help them modify, change or discontinue antibiotic use," Parodi says. Parodi has seen similar results at Kaiser, where resistance rates have stabilized over the past five years, thanks to the stewardship program in conjunction with control efforts such as increased hand washing and infection isolation. "That tells me that we do have a way to control the spread of infection and prevent more of these resistant superbugs from infecting us," he says. But the fight is hardly over. Vaccination opponents have jeopardized the progress of these programs, says Parodi. "A critical part of our work is to make sure people understand the individual benefits of vaccines and the benefit to their loved ones and the general community," he says. "If you look at influenza, for example, when we have a good match with the vaccine, we're seeing the reduction of individuals hospitalized and, with that, a reduction in the number of secondary bacterial infections. Vaccines are an adjunct to stewardship." The removal of antibiotics from our food is another hot topic. "At a White House conference last year, we discussed antibiotic prescribing in animals-not just to treat infections, but to promote growth," Parodi says.

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Patient tested in California for possible Ebola exposure | Sunuker Fm: The First African Radio in California

Trained staff are using protective equipment, coordinated with infectious disease specialists, to provide care for the patient, said Dr. Stephen M. Parodi, director of hospital operations at Kaiser Permanente Northern California, in a statement.

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Kaiser Contacting 960 Mothers - Babies May Have Been Exposed To TB

"We feel that this is a low-risk exposure, but we want to be aggressive about identifying any potential contacts," said Dr. Stephen Parodi, chief of infectious diseases for Kaiser Permanente in Northern California.
He said that the involved TB strain is a common one that responds well to a regimen of antibiotics. Pediatricians began notifying patients Tuesday. "We are trying to take a personal approach," Parodi said.

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