Stanley Frileck

Stanley P. Frileck

Associate Clinical Professor of Plastic Surgery at UCLA

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427 Denslow Ave., Los Angeles, California, United States
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(310) 825-2151

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Doctor  - Beverly Hills Physicians

California Cosmetic Surgeon  -

Medical Director  - L.A.'s Ona Spa

Attending Surgeon  - Wadsworth Veterans Administration Hospital

Assistant Chief and Chief of Plastic Surgery  - Valley Forge General Hospital


M.D.  - 

doctorate of medicine  - University of Toronto


Board Member  - Operation USA

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Stanley Frileck, MD
Dr. Stanley Frileck Dr Stanley Frileck Dr. Frileck has been practicing for over 30 years. His reputation extends worldwide and his patients include celebrities, heads of state and international royalty. Dr. Frileck is frequently on the Discovery Channel for his innovations, expertise in repairing the work of others, and for his natural facial restorations. He has been listed as the top Plastic Surgeon in Los Angeles by Time Warner/AOL, "W" Magazine, and is consulted by American and French Vogue Magazine as "the expert in the field". Dr. Frileck is Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is a Clinical Associate Professor at UCLA.

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Stanley Frileck, M.D., clinical associate professor at UCLA and the medical director at L.A.'s Ona Spa (where one can receive a consultation for a face-lift after a relaxing steam bath), counts rail-thin models and celebrities among his pilosuction clientele.
"Think of an actress who is going up for an award and is planning to wear a certain dress but has small amounts of fat in the outer thighs that make it fall in an unflattering manner, or the runway model who can't get into a jersey gown because she has two little collections of fat in her flank area," he says. Difficult to imagine, but he insists these creatures exist and visit his office in droves. - Addicated to Lipo, VOGUE October 2002 Dr. Stanley Frileck performs surgery on Hollywood stars in utmost secrecy. Laurent D, hairdresser, on Stanley Frileck: "Frileck fixes a lot of surgery mistakes done by others. He does beautiful faces, and you never see his scars." Snip and Tell - W October 1999 There is an adage that goes, "When the student is ready, the teach appears. One day, a friend mentioned Stanley P. Frileck, M.D., a doctor known and respected for doing reconstructive surgery. His office, it turned out, was a 10-minute walk from home. I trusted him the second he came into the room. He said to me, "Your nose doesn't fit your face. I could say that I wish I had met Dr. Frileck 18 years ago thereby sparing myself all the distress I went through (not to mention the expense). I (Kari Wuhrer) just met with Dr. Stanley Frileck, my new doctor, who is going to take out my implants. That's when a friend told me about Dr. Frileck. I went to his office for a consultation and immediately felt comfortable with him. Some visit the world's best surgeons, men like Stanley Frileck. His clinic in Brentwood, LA has a private back-door entrance to guard the identity of star clients. "As early as December or January we do full-face restoration," says Dr. Frileck. The cost: a cool $36,000. "Some celebrities come in two weeks before the awards and I can have them looking pretty good if I'm just doing a little lip plumping," he says ... Most popular is microlipo. "If somebody is thin but they've got a slinky gown which shows the little roll around their flanks and hips, I can buff that out with a little micro-liposuction. It takes about ab hour and cost about $4000. It's more like a puncture than an incision," says Dr, Frileck. 5. Microliposuction by Dr. Stanley Frileck ($2,000) 6. House in the Malibu colony ($3 Million) They want to preserve a face or a body familiar to millions of people," says L.A. plastic surgeon Dr, Stanley Frileck, "not alter it." Stanley Frileck, an associate clinical professor of plastic surgery at UCLA, says that 35 percent of his work is fixing the mistakes of other surgeons. Botched rhinoplasty, face-lifts and eyebrow procedures are the most common. Not only are these repairs more complex than the initial surgery, but they can cost up to three time as much, Frileck says - and the result is never quit as good as a well-done procedure would have been in the first place. 10 Things Your Plastic Surgeon Won't Tell You - Smart Money May 2007 A nationwide survey conducted for America Online (AOL), by the prestigious Castle Connelly Medical Ltd., has listed Dr, Stanley Frileck as a top ranked plastic surgeon in Los Angeles, the world's Plastic Surgery mecca.

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Stanley P. Frileck, M.D., F.A.C.S.; Division of Plastic Surgery; UCLA Geffen School of Medicine; Los Angeles, CA

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