Smuts van Rooyen

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Senior Pastor  - Glendale City Seventh-day

Senior Pastor  - Vallejo Drive Church


Ph.D.  - Counseling Psychology , 

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As an example, Jerry Arnold, senior pastor at CCC, has invited the widely-known progressive Adventist, Dr. Smuts Van Rooyen from California, to speak on April 17 and 18.
Dr. Van Rooyen will give three presentations while in Collegedale. Dr. Van Rooyen serves as the senior pastor at Glendale City Seventh-day Adventist Church in Glendale, Ca. He began his term in California in 1990 after being dismissed from the denomination for nearly ten years after openly disagreeing with or questioning some of the beliefs and traditions held by many within the denomination. Dr. Van Rooyen's presentations will cover: "What Am I Supposed to Believe?," "Romans 5: Much More vs. Much Less," "Romans 6: A Whole New Redefined Me," and "Fully Secured: How to Feel Your Relationship With

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Smuts van Rooyen
Smuts van Rooyen Smuts van Rooyen 2/14 - Smuts van Rooyen Smuts van Rooyen (818) 246-2476, Ext. 10 Senior Pastor

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Smuts van RooyenVallejo Drive Church: Pastor Smuts van RooyenSmuts van Rooyen, Senior PastorSo how would I explain who I am to someone meeting me for the first time? One possibility would be to give demographic data that appears on a psychological intake sheet: Smuts van Rooyen is a 60-year-old, married male, father of three grown children, and a minister by profession.He was born in South Africa, has completed a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology and complains of.... Smuts van Rooyen

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