Shelton McClain

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Assistant Vice President - Union Planters Bank


master's degree - public administration , Southern University

bachelor's degrees - marketing and management , Southern University

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Shelton R. McClainAssistant vice president Union Planters Bank and Union Planters Financial ServicesShelton R. McClain has a clear understand- ing of what has made him successful.It's all about R-E-S-P-E-C-T. "Treat everyone with the highest respect," he says."In return you receive the highest respect also." Count financial services as one of the professions where respect is essential to success.McClain, who has counted local attorneys, people in the music business and professional athletes as clients who trust his investment advice, says that mixing in a little character with respect has helped him establish a solid client portfolio. "The bank across the street or the investment firm offer the same services," he said."What separates you is eagerness and being willing to work long hours to stay with the competition and get ahead." That's a message McClain shares with children as a mentor and volunteer with such organizations as the YMCA, Teach for America and 100 Black Men of Metro Baton Rouge. "A lot of kids, what they need is direction," he said."If someone is out there for them to latch on to, to lead them in the right direction." McClain, himself, counts mentors as making a great impression on his success since graduating with bachelor's degrees in marketing and management and a master's degree in public administration from Southern University.McClain cites his current boss at Union Planters, Brent Bruser, as one of the persons who has helped shape his career, as well as local attorneys Walter Dumas and Phillip Price. McClain said continuing to develop solid relationships in his career will keep the future bright.It all comes back to respect. "You never know when you're going to meet someone or when someone is going to be introduced to you," he said."My clients mean everything to me." •••

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