Seth Roberts

Seth Roberts

Psychology Professor at University of California - Berkeley

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University of California - Berkeley

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Contributor - Psychology Today

Researcher - Do-It-Yourselfer

Student - QS + Paleo

Genomera Inc



PhDUniversity of California at Berkeley

doctorate degreeUniversity of California-Berkeley


Moderator - Quantified Self Labs

Professor Emeritus of Psychology - Berkeley

Member, Editorial Board - Nutrition

Founder - Shangri-La Diet Forums

Founder - Planetary Activation Organization

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Alpha-Lipoic Acid & Acetyl-l-Carnitine

In a third study, Liu, Hagen, Ames and colleagues fed old rats a similar diet of the two supplements and looked at memory function as measured by the Morris water maze test and a peak procedure for assessing temporal or time-based memory developed by Seth Roberts, professor of psychology at UC Berkeley.

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Notes, Bibliography, Errata | Hunter Gatherer Hunter Gatherer

" - SETH ROBERTS , Emeritus Professor of Psychology, UC Berkeley

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How a Citizen Scientist Will Win a Nobel Prize - Richard Sprague

One early Quantified Self enthusiast, the late University of California Berkeley psychologist [Seth Roberts(, published many examples where his own self-experimentation gave him new actionable insights into important aspects of health, behavior, and more.

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