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Scott Trethaway is on a three-person committee planning for local police coverage in the township.
Conversations in Middle Smithfield's work sessions have made it obvious that Trethaway is the candidate for police chief when the force goes into service. When asked basic questions about his background, Trethaway routinely gives vague answers, saying he could not disclose where he worked for his personal security. There may, however, be another reason for the low profile. Court papers allege it was Kevin Burnside's personal security that was threatened when the Milford man came in contact with Trethaway in 2002. Trethaway was a part-time officer for the Milford Borough police at the time. According to the complaint, Milford Police Officer Scott Trethaway told Burnside to move into the headlight beam. Trethaway knew who Burnside was, according to deposition transcripts. Then, in one motion, using the cuffs as a handle, Trethaway jerked Burnside to his feet causing pain and injury to his shoulder. "I had no physical contact with Burnside," Trethaway told the Pocono Record, "I did not handcuff the guy." Trethaway said only one officer was involved in cuffing Burnside. "The guy was an over-sized bully," Emanuel said of Trethaway, "He carried on like an idiot." Trethaway called for back up and chased the truck, but lost sight of it when dust was kicked up on the ranch's gravel lane. When the dust cleared, the truck was parked near Burnside's trailer with the driver's door ajar. That is when Trethaway put his arm around Burnside and said, "Not for nothing, but you look damn good lying there on the ground in your underwear," according to the complaint. Asking for $6 million, Burnside sued the Milford, Westfall,and Matamoras police departments and officers Michaelson and Trethaway as agents for township and individually. "I was not sued personally," Trethaway told the Pocono Record. He said it was a long time ago and he did not know the outcome of the case. Trethaway said there were a lot of officers at the ranch that night, he was named in named in the suit by mistake, and during the case, it was determined that another officer should have been named. "The complaint was found to be ludicrous," Trethaway said, although the people who paid for the incident are not likely laughing. Trethaway soon left the Milford department for another opportunity. He didn't say where. Milford Police Chief Gary Williams confirmed that Trethaway resigned and that he would not be eligible for rehire at the department. Trethaway has claimed the need to keep his work place secret for security reasons. "I'll be happy to sit down and talk with you when I'm chief," said Trethaway, until then, he wants privacy. Trethaway currently works for the Washington Township Police department in Northampton County. The phone systems instructs callers to "press five, for Scott Trethaway." Washington Township Police chief Daniel Cotturo confirmed that Trethaway was hired as a part time officer in 2005. Trethaway previously worked part time for the Bangor and Pen Argyl police, according to Cotturo. The chief is aware that Trethaway is helping Middle Smithfield develop a department.

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A committee of three, Schaller, Scott Trethaway and accountant Robyn Pugh, has developed a proposed police force budget, an employee agreement for sworn police officers, and lists of needed equipment and staff.
Trethaway is currently a police officer, but for security reasons declines to say what department he works for. He has written a number of proposals for Middle Smithfield's police force development and is a likely candidate for police chief/public safety director. Trethaway says a police force is desperately needed in Middle Smithfield. "It makes me sick that my wife can't safely go out and get a gallon of milk at night," Trethaway said during a work session with township supervisors.

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Upon arrival of Bangor officers Scott Trethaway and Jason Bell, Klinger charged at them but stopped short of a physical attack, state police said.

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