Scott Groomes

last updated 11/22/2017

Scott Groomes

Smart Classroom and Lab Administrator at La Roche College

9000 Babcock Boulevard, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
HQ Phone:
(412) 367-9300

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Technology Support Manager - Leboeuf, Lamb, Greene & MacRae LLP,

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La Roche College - PrinterLogic

"We thought about looking into an enhanced version of ThinPrint, but the independent consultant we were working with highly recommended PrinterLogic," says Scott Groomes, a systems administrator at La Roche College.
"During our testing phase, which was about a month, we became confident that PrinterLogic was doing what we wanted it to do in terms of getting the printers to the right clients and working with VDI, especially for our labs." After the trial period, Groomes and his team quickly deployed PrinterLogic with the assistance of PrinterLogic engineers just in time for the start of the academic year. "Working with the engineers was the easiest thing," he says. Unfortunately, ThinPrint, a common print management solution in VMware environments, did not perform as Groomes and his team had hoped. Implementing PrinterLogic allowed Groomes and his team to automatically and dynamically deploy printers to the VDI clients based on Active Directory (AD) users or organizational unit (OU) as well as network IP. According to Groomes, the college's "biggest concern" beyond VDI support was finding a print management solution that worked well with PaperCut, the printing solution that La Roche uses to charge staff, faculty and students for their print usage and track their printing activity. "When you've been using a product like PaperCut and it's so ingrained in your system, it's hard to change over-especially in a short amount of time," he says. There was no configuration on the PaperCut side at all," says Groomes. "When we did a lab survey three years ago, one of the biggest complaints was printing," explains Groomes. With PrinterLogic implemented, says Groomes, "now we don't have those complaints. "Implementing PrinterLogic as a VDI printing solution also helped us as a non-VDI printing solution," says Groomes.

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